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Engagement situation

Well.. I am not sure how I should be feeling right now! I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now! We have been living together for about 1-½ years and things are wonderful! I have been with him since he lost it all... the car, the place, al...

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Need some career advice

Hello, My name is William, I'm 24 years old,british male from South Africa, I'm a bit confused what carreer or path I should follow.

Here is a bit about me.

I left S.A(Republic of South Africa) when I was 17 to go study and work in the UK, when I...

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which would you rather have/do?

red rose or white?
salt or pepper?
pink or blue?
hamburgers or hot dogs?
music or movies?
comedy or horror?
action or adventure?
summer or winter?
sun or stars?
hott or cute?
walk or run?
funny or romantic?
crunchy or crea...

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Im pregnant and my boyfriend wont work! Help

Well I met my current boyfriend in january and fell in love...of course. he seemed like the perfect man, totally different than my ex-boyfriend who cheated on my with four different girls and got one of them pregnant then ended the relationship by cra...

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Will someone help plzz?

I cant believe im resorting to the internet to help with my problem my issue is just its getting difficult my whole life (im 15) I've lived with two parents who hate eachother but stay together couse of me and my siblings and whenever they got in a fig...

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Should I tell him I like him?

Okay, so I met this boy in my biology class, I was new to the class and the teacher sat me right by him. I thought he was the most hottest thing ever. I loved his style, and he seemed so mysterious. So.. After class it didn't surprise me to see him..

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Is there anything I can do to recover my sanity?

Hi. I am a 19 year old male. I have been involved in many things ranging from drugs to the cia mostly due to my involvement with psionics from an early age. I just recently spent some time in the navy and was given an entry level medical seperation due...

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Should I kick my 23-year-old son out?

My son is 23 and still living at home. He is a divorced father of a 5 year old. He does have a full time job and has even bragged that he makes more money than I do. I make less than him, yet still managed to raise 3 kids by myself, buy a used car, ...

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What is TOO paranoid, when it comes to the chances of pregnancy?

I think a lot of the time it's complete paranoia for us girls. I'm certainly paranoid right now - am normally not all that wild, but had sex (protected) with 2 different guys in the space of a week... though the 2nd one was inside me for like a split s...

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How to get my mom to stop or cut back on smoking pot?

Im 14 years old and know my mom has been smoking pot since I remember, because she was honest. I used to not mind it but now its hard not to hate it. I dont get abused but basically everything in my life is affected. I know I should stay out of it but ...

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What is on your bed right now? Blankets

When was the last time you threw up? Uhh.. Month ago I don't know I 4got

What's your favorite word or phrase? " f*** off " haha

Name 3 people who made you smile today? Anthony mariah and sylecia

What were you...

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I hate my Stepdad, What now?

Hope the length of this won't scare any potential commentators away. lol.
I'll try to keep it to a reasonable length]

I've had my stepdad since I was 8.
I was basically taken away by my dad and that left me scarred and after meeting my Caucasian stepf...

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What do you think causes these attacks??

Wild Orcas are not considered a threat to humans, in fact there is no recorded attack on a human being by a wild Orca whale, there have, however been over 24 attacks by captive Orcas since the 1970's some of them fatal, here are a few examples

On Apr...

27 views · Pets & Animals

Horrible Stepmum

right now im just feeling really down.
everythings a mess and I can't imagine things getting much better anytime soon.
my family is just so messed up.
I have a horrible horrible step mum. I just ignore her. I am not allowed to make eye contact with ...

37 views · Parents & Family

Why cant I just leave him?

Alright people this is long and horrible...your choice to become involved and help me.

Omg I feel absolutely terrible, and I don't know what to do..and I usually do. My boyfriend or something is a terrible and awful person because he doesnt try to see...

7 views · Sex

What would you do if you were president or has some high power/control in the world?

If I had the power I'd get rid of government assistance (welfare/food stamps,etc), I'd make people take a test before they were allowed to have kids -- i know it's really controlling, but it's not fair or right for you to have a kid, that you KNOW you ...

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How can they be so cruel?

My old puppy "Macy" (my name is Chelsea) got sick from the disease Parvovirus. Some of you may know of it some may not. But anyways, she was about 8 weeks when we go her. She got sick toward the end of July, with bloody diarhea and she was puking. (Abo...

35 views · Pets & Animals

How can I stop my destructive, bulimic lifestyle?

Hi, I'm Dani. I have a boyfriend. I'm 15. I'm 5'6" and at 130lbs. I'm very scared. I think I may be addicted to a bulimic lifestyle, that I hate. It's almost been four months since it started, not a long time I know but I'm afraid I'll end up dead if I...

81 views · Health

Free-verse.. what you think?

So this is kinda explaining what had just happened... This guy I was best friends with for ova 4years, just told me he cant be friends anymore, and was really mean about it (because he has a girl friend who is making him neva talk to me again).
So, I ...

6 views · Love & Relationships

What is love really worth? And when do you say "enough is en

I got married last year, about ten months ago. We've been together a bit more than three years in total. I'd almost called things off a few times because of really hurtful things he'd done, but we made up and I truly forgave him and we...

56 views · Love & Relationships

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