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Air conditioner parts

What would happen if I only washed my hair with conditioner for a whole month?

My scalp is really dry :0

38 views · Beauty & Style

What keeps TV shows going on the air?

For example: There are characters added here and there or characters leave or something like that.

28 views · Entertainment

Why are there school rules that really have nothing to do with the actual education part?

You know, like hair rules or uniform or whatever...

32 views · Education & School

Still have feelings for my ex - Part 1

I am currently seeing a new girlfriend... but I still have feelings for my ex and still talk to her what shall I do???

15 views · Love & Relationships

What body part is the best turn on spot for you?

If my boyfriend even bumps against my nipple I am totally turned on...It is an instant turn on...What is a turn on for you?

364 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

When are the new episodes of Supernatural airing?

Does anyone know when the new episodes of Supernatural are coming on? The fall season just ended right?

22 views · Entertainment

How long can sperm actually survive in an open air environment?

I keep getting mixed answers.

115 views · Health

Does having mono affect other parts of my health?

After having mononucleosuis for a month my physical health is still not good. Does my poor health have any effect on the rest of my health and why.

113 views · Health

Are my puppies cute (part 2)?

this is the second part of it..and this one is Rhyan the cross pitbull-pug. shes so cute

13 views · Pets & Animals NSFW

Good shampoo and conditioner when losing hair?

when losing hair, what is the best shampoo and conditioner to use. please help im about to get bald

49 views · Beauty & Style

Best Hair Conditioner...??

Can Anyone Give Me Some Names Of Some Really Good Hair Conditioners That Really Help Split Ends && Damaged Hair...??

8 views · Beauty & Style

Is it true that if you shave a part of your body it will grow back

Is it true that if you shave a part of your body, like your pubic hair, it will grow back thicker? God I hope not.

48 views · Beauty & Style

Anyone know of any good hair conditioners?

Anyone know a really good hair conditioner for dirty blonde, frizzy, somewhat-wavy hair?

29 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Where should I part my curly hair?

Left side, middle, or right side? My hair seems to naturally want to part in the middle. Which looks best?

76 views · Beauty & Style

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