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Air conditioner parts

Who watched Pretty Little Liars and what was your favorite part?

and was Page and Emily kissing at the end?

11 views · Entertainment

What is your favorite part about winter vacation?

I like time off and the holidays. Tell me what you like. Please answer.

52 views · General Knowledge

why do people tattoo the white parts of there eyes?

like inside of there eye.. isnt that painful?

39 views · Beauty & Style

Conditioner on your legs?

I heard that it works better than shaving cream and makes your legs softer.

Is that true?(:

44 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

what happens if you numb a body part with ice then poke it with a hot needle?

Will it be like a tattoo?

49 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

What are some rap songs with a part slow enough for ballet?

-rap song
-appropriate for middle school

15 views · Music

Part time and Casual work

In Australia, What is the difference between Part Time and Casual work. As a High School student, which would be most appropriate for me?

16 views · Jobs & Money

Is there any part time job for a 14-year old?

I live in Islamabad,Pakistan and was wondering if there are any part time jobs for 14-year olds for summers.

77 views · Jobs & Money

Air Force and Tattoo's please help =)

Can I join the Air Force is I have tattoos on my wrist and behind my ear??

(Behind my ear, are starts)
(On my wrist is a saying)

13 views · Jobs & Money

How to make the part in my hair less noticeable?

when girls part their hair they have that line separating it, is there a way to get rid of that or make it less noticeable, if so how?

641 views · Beauty & Style

Part-time office work

Can anyone suggest a part-time office job for a 16 yr old?

15 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

when is book 3 of the avatar being aired

when is book 3 of the avatar being aired, im doing this for my little sister who really likes the avatar, she is just wondering when the next book is being aired

8 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What part of an egg is my dad allergic to?

My dad's allergic to eggs and I wanted to know what part he's allergic to. But unfortunally, he only know its a protein in the egg itself. So my question is, does anyone know what part of the egg is he allergic to. Is it the white or the yolk?

12 views · Food & Dining

Is mane & tail shampoo and conditioner bad for your hair?

I use mane and tail but ive heard that it kills your hair, is that true?

48 views · Beauty & Style

What would happen if I only washed my hair with conditioner for a whole month?

My scalp is really dry :0

38 views · Beauty & Style

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