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How do I build a Foot Bridge over Water on a budget?

I purchased a 6 acre lake last week that I cannot walk all of the way around. I need to build about a 150' bridge over the shallow end which is 2' deep when the water is up.
I do not have a huge budget but could afford a few workers and $1,500. I plan ...

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Should I make out with him or tell him I'm not ready?

hey your advice helped. i went to my boy and i asked him if he is ready to kiss and he said yes so he kissed me and he told me im a good kisser but then we went to the lake by my house and talked then out of kno were he kissed me. and it was a lot ...

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What would you do if you were president or has some high power/control in the world?

If I had the power I'd get rid of government assistance (welfare/food stamps,etc), I'd make people take a test before they were allowed to have kids -- i know it's really controlling, but it's not fair or right for you to have a kid, that you KNOW you ...

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I am legend

So im doing this paper on I am legend
I saw da movie and sheit bu I totallyyy furgot sum details :d ha ha
Nyone knoo:

1) the three foods the doctor was able to collect while out in the city

2) what game does the doctor play to pass the time at...

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What do you think of my Poem?

I would really love some constructive criticism on my poem because most everyone I ask say its nice but I want to improve my skills and with people saying thats nice I cant do so.

Daises dance, the trees whisper
the green grass glistens in the summ...

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I was inspired to write this right now..what do you guys think of it?

Enjoy :)


From time to time a glimpse...
And sometimes just a thought...
I wonder what he is up to...
If he thinks of me tonight?!

I close my eyes and yet a chill...
My body quivers, I feel him near...
Is it a figure of my imagina...

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Drought in the Southwest caused by global warming?

So if you live in one of the Colorado River Basin states, you're probably aware (or you should be) that there has been an ongoing drought for several years now and it's getting worse. In fact, in the next couple decades, it could get really really bad...

12 views · Environmental Issues

Who else has really learned a lot from this site?

I have learned so much from being a member of this site. I really appreciate everyone that works so hard on it, and all the members that ask so many great questions. People ask questions that I had never even thought about...or was scared to ask myself...

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officers booked me on something that was tottaly legally prescribed

I was recently arrested and charged with possesion of controled substance , however it was legally prescribed methadone from a DR for opiate maintenence. I also had marijuana which I have a Doctors recomendation for siezures of which they did not charg...

16 views · Health

Why am I having such odd dreams lately; what could they mean?

Two nights ago I had a sex dream about my ex boyfriend, who I broke up with over a year ago, and I. I initiated the sex. He and I have never had sex though. In the end we were just laying there cuddling and we both looked really happy.

Yesterday nig...

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Should I give up or keep trying?

ok well...I cant really talk to and e one else bout this but...I met this guy a couple years ago and we started talking and we got together...we were together for like...6 months...then I started going to the lake with my family..and I never invited hi...

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Who has read about BP's corruption, regarding the oil spill?

In the Doc's office yesterday, I read about how they've cut about a trillion corners regarding safety regulations and spill preventions. They supply the US military with oil, which is something to consider when thinking about their fine: 50 million, wh...

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Why does everyone I know or meet deem me unnattractive?

Ok, dont just say "because you are". I want constructive arguments.

I wear rather nice clothes, brands such as levi, republik, maddox, jag, and such. I have a casual style, im 180cm tal (btw, im 14) im slim (60kg), and I know im not weak.

I have...

33 views · Beauty & Style

How can people say that god doesnt exist?

My question is how can anyone say that god doesnt exist? I dont get it. I mean seriously look around you everywhere. The sky, stars, moon, sun, grass, dirt, people, flowers, birds, oceans, lakes, rivers, fish. And science can not prove the bible wrong....

46 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Why is this heartbreak hurting so much?

Well for them who have read my first question I posted, things have changed now.
I'm 17 and trying to get over him or cutting him off is so hard.
Trying to focus on something else is impossible, I mean I don't exactly have a great circle of friends y...

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How can I get over how shallow I am?

I met my boyfriend on WoW. We got along well, and did webcam and Skype and everything, and ended up in a relationship.
We agreed to meet in London, and so we did yesterday.

He's really sweet. I'm pretty, and although I'm not the skinniest girl around,...

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title? is it any good?

ok I just finished working on a poem and I havent chosen a title yet. if you have any suggestions for a title that would be nice. and what do you think? constructive critisism would be nice...

I know you think I'm a lier,
I know I made your heart h...

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Modern Movies: Most of them are terrible!

can I ask, why are the standards and qaulity of movies dropping so low, everyone I know agrees with me, they spend millions on actors and special affects thinking that will please us? with a poorly constructed and pradictable plot, not ll movies but ms...

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My wife thinks im a cheater

Me and my wife have been married for a year now.
We had our first really big fight and ended up kicking me out of the house.
I have no where to go so I went up to this lake house where my parents are living.
I even took my brother-in-law along for t...

44 views · Love & Relationships

Father or No Father?

I have recently given birth to a beautiful little girl. I am a single mom and have been working in a 24 hour job to support her. It has been difficult but my love for her helps me through the days. Her father, my ex, comes in and out of our lives so of...

24 views · Parents & Family

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