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What should I do?

I was not only thinking of a career change, but looking for one. Truck driving isn't for everybody and I'm one of those people.

I was thinking of getting a teaching degree in Music Education and, maybe, teach music in a high school (LOVE marching b...

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girlfriend help

Here is the scenario. I have been dating this girl for two years now and she is wonderful. The problem though is that she says that my family is too involved in my life and that she wants to know that someday we will have a life of our own. She has tol...

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What do you think of this?

pens write with ink

no. no that's not right.
Not now that I think about it.
Pens write with blood or gray matter or spit
That is incarnated into ink
it's transubstantiation, silly

I dropped my bottle
The ink spreads not so slowly
Over this...

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I have no life :(

Its summer vacation and all of my friends are going to the beach or their lake houses or away with their families or even just hanging out with people during the day. Like all their face book status are like "hanging out with whoever tonight! " and I'...

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Is there any way to teach myself to swim?

I've grown up in a city with no pools, lakes, or oceans. And I was too poor to go to those little kid swimming classes. So I never learned how to swim and im now 15 years old and I really need to learn because its bothering me. All my friends always as...

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What should I do about my ACT review and scores?

So, I just received my ACT scores back and over all I received a 16. I don't know what I should do about it. I want to and have since a young age wanted to attend Lake Superior State University for Forensic Chemistry but fear that I may just not be goo...

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Another of my poems

People have said this is my best poem, but I am not so sure.
I wouldn't mind some constructive criticism.

Speakers on full blast,
Seemingly emitting ear-splitting Silence
Drowned out by the noise of thoughts,
Swirling, bouncing around our head,

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what does this dream mean?

I had this dream that I was riding my bike alone and it was SUCH a nice day. I started going really fast. then I see this black car pull up, and I know that this car belings 2 my music teacher. (inreal life he has a black car) so I was like "%^$%^, wha...

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Truck Driving and Felonies

I have been an over the road truck driver for 18 months. Last year I really screwed up because I was fighting with my ex-wife in court because she illegally took away my visitation lying in court and getting away with it so I wasn't thinking clearly a...

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What good places to visit in the U.S?

Hey...I'm 16.. thinking of heading over to America to visit family in Salt Lake City Utah...but I don't want to spend my whole time there...I Was thinking of traveling around any cool sites, especially historical Native American land sites...anything T...

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This song I made up for normal nots!

Its not good to be normal its not good to be normal. Being normal is really bad for you. I hope you knew that bit of information. Its a bit of information that you need to know. Yes you need to know some bit of information. And you might get to be norm...

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Do you like my Poem about Flowers?

My Garden

It’s Not a Perfect Garden,
but I try My Very Best

To keep it looking Bright and Pretty
The Most Nicest in the West

With Orchids and Orange Jessamine
And Sunflowers with Gardenias too

With Lilly Pads and a fish pond
With A bird Cage and a...

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love epidemic

im having a problem,, I love her so much that I dont want her to be unhappy or to leave her, but I love myself to much to settle for being un happy. cause she wants me to be patient, but I want to live. weve done everything, I've told her everything I ...

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Reoccuring dream?

I have the same dream atleast twice a week.

I'm comming out of a forest into a clearing with a pond. There's and old blue-ish car parked by it with the door open. The radio is always playing the same song, but I can never remember what it is, I don'...

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Stainless steel cookware recommendations?

After just finishing thanksgiving with the family, which was wonderful, I was thinking that our stainless steel cookware was getting a bit out of date, and the edges are a bit sharp on some of the pans - I'm afraid when my wife & I bought the cookware,...

13 views · Food & Dining

Can I start something like this or is it illegal?

I'm 16 years old and I want to start a club or society at the school but I want it to be something like Sea Cadets except that its not going to be sponsored by the Navy or a Association.It will be militralistic and discipline. Its something to give bac...

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Who wants to do a survey :)?

Are you strong enough for this survey?:

Are you someone who is a jerk because you're so honest?:
I can be

How often do you give out second chances?:

Ever wanted to give up on someone?:

How is your mood?:

Does the song you're...

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Please read.. Bug bite or more serious???

A few years ago I was diagnosed with mrsa. I had gotten it from an insect bite. I went to the doctor, did bleach baths, took antibiotics, and it went away. Tonight, I am staying with my grandparents at their house at the lake with my little 8yearold br...

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What)Should I leave this part off? Add on? What do you think?

I'm looking for constructive criticism, ideas, and opinions.
Kind of unfinished. Still in a bit of a raw state.

The topic I was given was "miles of smiles"
This is how I interpreted it=>

Walking down miles

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Who has a good nickname for Allexiana?

My friends name is Allexiana and she hates it! She says the only nick-names she has are Alle Alex Lexi
ex-moron (hee hee hee both me and her brother call her that and she hates it heehee!!!) and cotton candy and bloo burry So what other cute nick-name...

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