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Fishing question

I found a state park where I can go fishing. 2 ponds there are stocked with trout in the fall. Other species present include large mouth bass, chain pickerel, black crappe, perch, tiger muskies, carp and sunfish.
I would like to catch the bigger fish ...

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Is this lawsuit justified ?

In the news today: "If you're on a construction site, and there is a large steel I-beam heading for your head, you'd probably want your co-workers to warn you about English! But yet again, this type of policy is causing an uproar, this time in...

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a lil math quiz. can you do it??

Stevens score on Algebra tests are 91, 89, 86, and 93. What is the minimum score Steven can receive on the fifth test so that the average of the five tests will be 90?

A music system was sold for $318.75 that includes sales tax. If the price of the ...

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What do you guys think of that awful news about that 24 year old woman who has that flesh eating virus?

Story goes she was on a zip line having fun with some friends at this lake I think near were she lives, and she suffered a gash on her leg after falling onto the water. She was sutured up and it was no big thing till days later when she caught this rar...

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Sad and depressed when my close gfriend went on holiday

Well my close gfriend went on holiday for 2 weeks and im sad and depressed because shes gone, she always makes me feel happy and now shes gone for a while. I was wondering how I can deal with the sadness and depression? Like what can I do to occupy mys...

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Why are my dreams so messed up?and what makes them messed up?

Ok im a dreamer. My favorite hobby is dreaming !! Its just soo fun!! But recently my dreams are becoming weird and some of them are kinda demented!!! And it starting to freak me out! Like I recently had a dream about going to the lake and walking in te...

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Activities with your dog

What are some good things to do when you want to spend time with your dog by building a closer bond? I walk my 8 month puppy everyday, playtime (fetch/tug-a-war), I'll walk him at parks, I've taught him tricks, and sometimes I let him off the leash and...

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One Year Anniverary

My name is Amanda!
Me and my boyfriendwill be toghether a yr on November 8th!
For Valentines day he sent me a dozen roses at work and to dinner!
For his birthday I got him his favorite shirts FOX
But I want to get him something special not just so...

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What was I suppose to say or do ?

Today I didnt go to work because I had a lot of things to accomplish this morning now that I finished early I was going to go to a lake with my boyfriend. After all the rain we've had there are a lot of puddles rivers, and fishing. keep in mind it was ...

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A little homework help?

I have a state report due monday!!! And I need a few things. My state is Washington. I need to know:
Industrys, jobs and qualifacations for it, cool history facts, geographic feat.s like Major land forms, exciting land marks, state nickname, quotes by ...

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What should I do for my future career?

I'm starting to think about what I should do for my future career: my father has tought me almost every detail to machinery & construction, my cousin Justin is teaching me everything he knows from his current national guard camps and is training to bec...

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What do you think of my poem?


What am I to you?
The pond you drowned in?
Or the book titled Fin?

I heard your final wish
The one at midnight.
When you slept with fish
Losing all sight.

You saw a fish so goldly
He saw you so fragile.
You said hold me
We'll b...

13 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How to Download pictures onto my iPod ?

Ok, I thank you all for responding to my " How To download " songs into I-pod, now, I am needing help on how to download pics into I-pod, actually, it has no name, and no instructions, got it on E-bay from Eadream, prices are really good, but unfort...

83 views · Computers & Tech

How do I find information on my great-grandfather?

My great-grandfather came over from Italy sometime between 1914-1919. He came over through the mafia. He was Al Capone's personal wine maker. He kept everything about his family in Italy a secret, to protect us. He was afraid that if we knew anything t...

104 views · Parents & Family

what is your greatest school memory?

mine would have to either be in grade 8 when some idiot put one of those orange and black stripped construction pilons on and started running and he tripped and passed out and the principal stood there laughing and recording the whole thing on his phon...

32 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How do I bond and interact more with my 2 year old son please?

I suffered a terrible 10 month pregancy. wont go into details. and 2 years on theres still not much of a bond between me and my 2 year old son. I love him very much and wouldnt be withou him but I want to know how to love/bond with him more/better? I a...

340 views · Kids

do you think they were gay, or just dorks?

my friend told me this funny thing that happened 2 her last summer. ok so she was going 4 a bike ride on this trail that she always bikes on, and she goes down by the lake. well she sees these-I think 4- dudes roasting beans on a stick. they had a tent...

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random survey

chocolate or vanilla:
cat or dog:
surf or snowboard:
sing or dance:
movie or music:
dr.pepper or coke:
red sox or yankees:
bahamas or italy:
simon or paula:
24 or house:
american idol or dancing with the stars:
rolling stones or beatles:
football or ba...

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How do I get my parents to let me go somewhere?

My BFF just called and said that her dad was taking her to a campground tomorrow and I could come. She also said that I needed a swimsuit cause there is a lake we can swim in. Unfortunately, I don't have a swimsuit at the moment. So, I asked my mom if ...

295 views · Parents & Family

girlfriend help

Here is the scenario. I have been dating this girl for two years now and she is wonderful. The problem though is that she says that my family is too involved in my life and that she wants to know that someday we will have a life of our own. She has tol...

13 views · Love & Relationships

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