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Advice for My Dogs Breathing Issue

My dog is 11 years old now. She is in overall good health. Lately I have noticed that when she lays down or is resting she begins to breathe loudly through her nose, almost as if she is snoring. I have heard her snore before but lately it has been c...

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Bedbugs how can I tell?

I am worried that my 10 year old is being attacked by bedbugs. I have had exterminators come out to inspect, 3 different ones, one guy said yes and the other 3 said no. I have changed my son's bedding and use allergie protective mattress covers and a ...

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no excess bleeding!

really, I'm not in a position where I can go to a doctor because we recently moved to a new area and have not yet found a doctor and also because I cannot visit without my parents finding out and they CANNOT find out (very traditional so masturbation =...

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I wanna be a vet

Hi, I was just wondering, can anyone refer me to a website or tell me a bit about what I would need to know to be a small animal veterinary surgeon.

I am only 14... but...

My Dad is like a computer genious he knows how to do anything and everythi...

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How do you think psychiatrists really helpful ?

Do you think psychiatrists really helpful

Here is an example : my friend lost nearly 30 pounds in less than 6 weeks(her physician couldn't find diagnose the problem so he referred her to psychiatrist) ,a smart psychiatrist diagnosed her with severe ...

41 views · Health

What's a good/safe way to get rid of extra adrenaline?

I had a peanut allergy reaction today so I got one epipen shot, which didn't seem to work so I got another. So I have all this built up adrenaline nd my heart is racing. For example wen I was in the hospital my heart rate was 100-110 while I was LYING ...

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Why do people often bring God into something?

I am a believer of God, but it always gets me when people want to bring God or the "Christian Thing" into the conversation. Just the other day I was watching the Real Housewives Reunion and the host asked one on the women how do you think God feels abo...

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Why does my dog have an itchy butt and paws?

Shes been bitting (& licking) at her paws like crazy
& scooting around on the floor occasionally
I keep her up to date on shots, dewormings etc. & I get her glands done regularly! I've had her checked for mites etc. she has none of that shes healthy ...

73 views · Pets & Animals

It's really hard for me to calm down.

Whenever I get really worked up about something, it takes forever for me to actually calm down. Like, breathing.. & my heart rate goes up. I also have asthma, but not bad at all it's caused by seasonal allergies. Could it have anything to do with it?

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How overweight must one be to get the gastric bypass surgery?

How much does it cost? I recently found out that due to excess dieting in my younger years, my metabolism is screwed up for good, and now no matter how much I restrict or even just exercise and eat healthy, there is no chance of any of my current weigh...

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pregnant and scared =/

I just found out I'm 3 months pregnant.
I have an unbelieveably irregular period so I thought nothing of missing it for an extended ammount of time. I took like 10 tests just because I couldn't believe it was true but surly enough I am. I've never had ...

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Why does everyone hate Santa Claus?

He's already got the short end of the stick on this deal, what with all his hard work making it around the world in a single night and giving us all the cool crap that we wanted for Christmas, and in return we take away his freedom of speech, refuse to...

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Alternative to Cow Milk for Baby

I Have an 12 month old who I am trying to wean from Brestfeeding because I am also 3 months pregnant. (my supply has gone down since being pregnant)
I do not want him to have Cow's Milk because of family history of allergies, and tried Goat's Milk, bu...

53 views · Kids

Headaches, Light Headed, Blotchy skin

After I eat 1 or all 3 things happen!

1. I get light headed
2. Headaches
3. Turn red and get very blotchy all over my face, neck, and chest!

**This may occur for 4-5hours**

My doctor thinks I am crazy, and can't figure it out!!!

I don't k...

235 views · Health

Which of the following categories would veterinarian fall under?

I'm filling out an application, and I want to be a veterinarian, it lists these categories:

Cisco Working Academy
Automotive Technology
Collision Repair
Printing Technology
Welding Technolo...

322 views · Education & School

Is there harmful gas making me pass out?

Ok... Here it goes... I go to this donut shop place like everyday of the week and im usually fine but this one day I went down I was ok but I started feeling really agrivated and got lightheaded and was ready to pass out so I went home and fell asleep ...

175 views · Health

My boyfriend and i had protected sex for the first time ( me being a virgin). Right after this i started bleeding.

I thought it might be due to the hymn breaking but my period followed soon after. Heavy flow for the next 7 days. It was early but i read that was normal. We had protected sex on the third day of my menstruation as well. My question is what are the cha...

39 views · Sex

What career links into experimenting with diseases?

I'm depending on weather or not to take allied health classes in highschool for credits in collage. When i was really young, i used to watch " monsters inside me" all of the time. Every since, I've been really fascinated with parasites and what not. Im...

10 views · Jobs & Money

What to bring to a babysitting job?

Okay, so I'm fourteen and I haven't babysat before besides my brothers and sisters who are twelve, nine, seven, and two. I do work the nursery/ childrens ministry at church with my cousin who is two months younger than I am. I was asked to babysit a f...

52 views · Kids

What do frequent nose bleeds indicate?

Lately I've been getting terrible nosebleeds almost everyday. It started a while ago only when I would really stress out or feel very nose would all of the sudden start bleeding uncontrolably. My blood is very bright red as well. Now it h...

158 views · Health

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