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I've been out of work for about 3 months. My normal profession is crane operator. I expect to be off for an additional month or so before the company I was working for picks up another job. Any ideas on what I could do in the mean time for a little cas...

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Should I call him..Help

I have been in an online relationship for 2 years now..I love this man with all I have..We have met several times..I eneded a few days ago because we are getting nowhere. He seems to have all the reason in the world why he can't cross the big pond to m...

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How to download MP4 player software?

Hi, just received a MP4 player in the mail, and it came with this small disc that does not fit into my lap top. So how can I down load the software. ? I dont know really what I am doing, and I need total help,,, it came with very vague discription, ...

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what is your opinion on my theory?

This is a question for those who believe in Magick, spirits, and demons, otherwise don't bother answering please.

So I have a theory on the construstion of some of the wonders of the world. my theory is that they used Magick, and the help of ev...

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How can we make the party more interesting and fun?

Teen party [15-18yr olds]
Its not even a party its a rave..thats being hosted by the lake
next friday outside in the dark hidden away
Serious it needs to be off the chain..
yes truth and dare glowsticks.. food,alcohol[nt that I drink alcohol anyw...

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He makes fun of me and my interests.

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 8 months and we love each other. But when ever we talk about things that we like or if were having a convo and I mention something that I really like, he makes fun of me for it. For example, I told him about m...

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Taken movie, what did you think?

First, I wanna say that that movie was AMAZING.
Definately up there on my list of favorite movies.

Now, my question.
Would you, if you had skills that he did, risk your life and kill all those people to save your daughter?
What if you didn't have thos...

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who-does anyone live in abbotsford?

not to be a total creep or anything, i just moved here and i dont know anyone and it would be great to have friedns forthe summer seeing as i am 5 hours away from all my other friends at shuswap lake :( it would just be really cool to meet some people...

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Getting my period before swimming

Im supost to start my period tomorow, but my cousin I think is coming over to swim tomorow and then on saturday im going to the lake to swim and on sunday I have a pool party here at my house, but I absuloutly hate wearing a tamon I feels so weird and ...

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Anyone like or in marching band???

Yeah, I am... Lol, band geek I know.

I just thought I'd let you know that my high schools band halftime show is on youtube

"Pelham High School Marching Band - Lake Martin Invitational"

Yeah, #1 Marching band in the state. Proud it too, so I'd ...

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I dont wanna leave the love of my life behind

Okay so I really dont know what to do.

So from I was at the end of fifth grade I lived in west palm beach. Now, once I hit sixth grade I moved to lake city. That a big difference by the way because I came from the big city and lake city isnt even on ...

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Dont wanna leave the love of my life behind

Okay so I really dont know what to do.

So from I was at the end of fifth grade I lived in west palm beach. Now, once I hit sixth grade I moved to lake city. That a big difference by the way because I came from the big city and lake city isnt even on ...

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What is the name of this book?

I'm trying to remember the name of a novel I read when I was younger. It was about 4 teenagers. One was a popular boy in love with the shy, abused by her father, girl, a boy who is also in love with the shy girl but in the end dies of leukemia I think ...

9 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Where to go to college btwn 7 choices?

I don’t know where to go to college! I want to stay close to home and applied to the following seven schools...any strong opinions on any of them?
Notre Dame
University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Creighton University
St. Thomas University in MN
Iowa S...

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How can I keep my hair straight for school?

ok I bought this really cool hair straightner a couple of months ago and it works great. I was hoping that I could start high school with pretty straight hair...but I was wrong. it's very humid here and all my classes are outside (school under construc...

40 views · Beauty & Style

Resturant name ideas.

Ok, trying to figure out a name for the new resturant. My investor buddies have the idea for "Pot Bellys" (personally its kind of a turn off for me). I like the name "Hole in the Wall". When I was working in construction that was the name we used fo...

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How do I get my mom to let me go to school

So I am in the 7th grade and have been home schooled my whole life and over the last 3 weeks I have been begging my mom to let me go to school (Imagine Chartter school Land O Lakes) and she thinks it is sooo bad and that I will be abused and stuff I ha...

56 views · Parents & Family

How do you like my poem?

What do you think? I'm not really sure if I like it, I don't think it flows very well. But I would love some constructive criticism. Thanks!

I need you friends,
To be there for me,
No matter who I am,
Or what I believe.

And when I feel my f...

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What are more weight loss tips?

I need to lose more weight, I've been half assedly watching what I eat (But i'm having trouble, i'll explain, THE FOOD BORES ME), and going on walks with my other weightly unhappy firend everyday around this lake...
Anything else I could try?
And foods...

10 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Fishing question

I found a state park where I can go fishing. 2 ponds there are stocked with trout in the fall. Other species present include large mouth bass, chain pickerel, black crappe, perch, tiger muskies, carp and sunfish.
I would like to catch the bigger fish ...

30 views · Sports & Activities

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