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Is this allergies?

I have sinus and headache problems what can I do to end this all? ivegone to doctors taken prescripted to herbs to over the counter and teas or whatever and I've beenlike this for a looong time when isay long I mean like a year or two..non stop..pleeze...

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Can I take anything for allergies if I'm pregnant?

Hi my name is jamie wright and i am a 23 year old college student and i am pregnant with my first child i will be two months tomorrow but i have allergies and my nose is stuffy and what i eat does not taste good and i cant really smell anything, is the...

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What is this? Allergies or am I getting sick?

My nose itches and I'm like sneezing every second. And then I have a little cough and my voice is a little wierd but I dont feel sick. What is this? Am I getting sick or do I have allergies? I have no idea what I'm allergic at because I have never gott...

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How to rid myself of allergies? I can't breathe hardly because of them!

Hi, I am only fifteen, and we have NO allergy medicine in the house that isn't expired. My mom told me to just deal with it, because we don't have money to go buy more, but she has money to go buy an x-box for my little sister. THIS IS SO ANNOYING! I a...

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How long does it take to become a Pediatric Cardiologist?

When I was 5 I started watching discovery health and I have LOVED doctor shows. and when I was 9 I started watching "Grey's Anatomy"and I made up my mind I wanted to be a Pediatric Cardiologist. Now I'm 14 and I made that my goal for life. I don't care...

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Teacup Chihuahua's - good pet for kids? allergies?

My youngest (6) is starting to ask the "can I have a dog" question. But my wife has dog allergies, and I don't want a horse in the living room.

So the thinking was - less is more. If we get a dog, let's get a small one. So we let the 6 year old see...

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How to figure out a mystery allergy?

My sister has been having this allergic reaction lately and I have no clue what she is allergic to. My family and I recently thought it was shrimp but it doesn't make sense because she's been fine with shrimp before. We're trying to guess but really ju...

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Back pain caused by allergy?

Has anyone ever heard of excruciating back pain, onset by a food allergy?

I had my boyfriend's leftovers from Applebee's--an oriental chicken salad---at around 9pm last night. By midnight my back was in excruciating pain. It radiated from my lower bac...

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How do I tell my managers about an allergy to a cleaning product we have to use?

I grew out in red blotches on my arms and hands when I used a cleaning product called Ajax. It makes my asthma horrible and I come out in rashes. I'm positive this is an allergy but I haven't been to my doctor about it. When I finish using it, I use a ...

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Does anyone have or know about these type of Dairy Allergies?

My fiance is Allergic to Dairy Products, but only became allergic 3 years ago. His symptoms have nothing to do with intestinal problems. If he has even the slightest bit of Dairy, he has Flu like symptoms, or a severe sinus headache that puts him in be...

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why/how do you develop a reaction or allergy to something?

I had morphine for the first two caesarian births of my children but on the third developed an extreme sensitivity to morphine and have not been able to use it since over 9 years later the strongest pain medication I can have is panadeine forte and nu...

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Best allergy medicine

I think Im allergic to my boyfriend's dog.
Which is strange because I have 2 dogs myself and I always have done ever since I was little.
Everytime his dog gets near my face I come up in big red patches on my face and neck.
When the dog put his claws o...

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does this sound like a reaction to a minor allergy?

Before anyone says go to a doctor, I'm in a different country, I don't speak the language, not many people speak English here, and so I'd rather try a few things myself first before resorting to a doctor. I've been getting random really bad chapped lip...

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Which is the best career?

whatd do you think is a better job
♥plastic surgeon

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what's like being any er physician or a paramedic?

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Which surgical specialty intrigues you the most, if you were to have one of these careers?

Cardio,(Heart surgeon)
Nuero,(Brain surgeon)
Peds,(Children surgeon)
Plastics,(Face/Skin Surgeon)
Ortho,(Bones surgeon person)
General,(Bit of everything)
For me I think Cardio or Nuero.

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Nurse practitioner

I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner... Does anyone think its a bad job?

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death by sniffles

im pretty much dying and im not sure if it is a cold or allergies... so what should I do???

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Is sally hansen capable of hiding scars on skin?

Is sally hansen capable of hiding scars on skin?:|
I need something to hide my allergy scars. :(

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