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Air conditioner parts

Which part in Macbeth is the easiest to preform in class?

I have to do a part of Macbeth (any part) and preform it with a friend in class, It only counts ten marks so It needend be long. Which part would you reccoment is the easiest to preform with a friend

12 views · Education & School

cooling vs heating your conditioner

ok, I've heard two different things about your conditioner. first I heard that you should cool your conditioner. then I heard that you hould heat your conditioner. which is true?

9 views · Beauty & Style


Omg I really need to wash mah hair but I dont have any conditioner left wot else can be used instead of conditioner??

12 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

jobs for 13-14 years part time or summer

I am 13 and my family in running low on cash I need a summer job

54 views · Jobs & Money

What does it mean when the upper part of yur tummy hurts but then the pain moves to the right?

this happens to me frequently and I don't know why.

18 views · Health

What is a good part healthy menu for my home work?

For home work I am doing a menu for a party but it hast to be healthy!! can you give me a few ideas !! thank you xx

26 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What's the best way to develop parts of Brazil?

Are big projects better or small ones, your view and opinion?

21 views · Environmental Issues

Different Averages in height for different parts of the world ?

in england the average height for a woman is 5'4 ... and for a man is 5'9

is this different for different countries ... ?

75 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What do you think of the RC air hog Camera helicopter?

I have to say we did not have toys like this when I was a kid, I think the thing is neat.

13 views · Shopping

Is Loreal shampoo and conditioner good for your hair?

is loreal paris elvive the pink 1 gd or your hair or is it bad because I use it???

117 views · Beauty & Style

Edit pictures to make part of them black & white

How can I make most of the picture black and white and only one thing or a couple of things in the pic color?


47 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

What is air friction, eddy current, and fluid damping force?

please make answers brief and detailed.

15 views · Science

What are the lyrics for part of that world in the little mermade?

Well im trying out for the school musical and I want to do this song...can you help me?

45 views · Music

Can I cut my rubber tree plant into smaller parts?

In order to split my rubber tree up and repot, can I just cut it in 4 different pieces?

243 views · Home & Garden

How can you have you're picture in black and white but have some parts of the photo in colour?

Is there a certain website you have to go on??If so, please tell :)

9 views · Computers & Tech

Why do I feel like I'm gasping for air when I breathe?

i always had this problem and it happens whenever i take a deep breath.

92 views · Health

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