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What are the correct lyrics in the song "In the Air Tonight"?

is it oh lord or hold on?

38 views · Music

Who is part maltese?

Hey!!! I want to know whose maltese out there! Im maltese!

Are you???


18 views · General Knowledge NSFW

What part did religion/spirituality play in the founding of America

Did religion or the bible have anything whatsoever, to do with the founding of America? If so what? If so, why not?

34 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How long do I have to train running to take part in Olympic Games?

Any ideas?

10 views · Sports & Activities

What are the important parts in the secret life of bees book?

in the secret life of bees book, what are 5 of the most important events?

71 views · Art, Writing & Literature

how many days the air force have on leave?

also how many days for amy and military?

10 views · Jobs & Money

If you could have an extra body part..?

Excuse me ..!! If you could have an extra body part..?
If you could have an extra body part, WHAT...
What would You choose for YOU ...?
What would You choose for Your partner ?

47 views · General Knowledge

Where can I Buy hand gun parts?

Where can I buy hand gun parts or kits?? and do you have to have a license to buy them ?? or any information?? ONLINE? and every part?

12 views · Shopping

Who knows if Radio Bam is still on air?

Does anybody know if Bam Margera's radio show Radio Bam still on air with SIRIUS?

9 views · Entertainment

Which part of your legs do lunges help the most?

what part of your leg do lunges help the most. inches wise.
and how do you do them without your knees killing you???

40 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What do you think about the MacBook Air?

What do you think about the new MacBook Air? (I know it is not the thinnest notebook but I still think it is awesome!) So, what do you think?

48 views · Computers & Tech

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