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Hi! My name is Helena Birk. I work as a freelance writer and like my job a lot. My passions are reading novels and traveling!

​Process assessment

Process assessment can be conducted with the college students in an ongoing fashion over the course of the semester. In one project we accomplished this through weekly one-on-one meetings with the students, while in another we used the time in our seminar

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Research about Teacher Education

Cliff and Brady found that most research evaluated by the panel is primarily concerned with how new teachers are “socialized in the profession and how beliefs and actions change or resist change.” It’s hard not to be amused when one reads the frustration m

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Limited Experience. How To Get Your’s And travel Abroad?

Since most two-year colleges, especially public ones, have not been involved in overseas student study and travel, they are inexperienced in planning, organizing, and administering such programs. The growing realization among their administrators and fac

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College Remediation

As many states consider reducing or eliminating remediation in four-year colleges, questions related to access, educational opportunity, and promise must be carefully examined. To what extent does eliminating remedial education impede or facilitate the opp

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Teaching and Learning

Nothing is more important to student success in community college than mastering the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Nationwide, according to one estimate, “60 percent of students ages 17 to 20 in two-year colleges . . . need remedial co

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​Models of academics in the media

The roles of public intellectual, advocate and educator are not exclusive. Indeed, a single activity may straddle all three categories. For instance, a public intellectual may simultaneously draw on broader social and intellectual currents (a feature of th

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I was also interested in finding out how comfortable students were in writing an essay. Seventeen percent admitted that they were not comfortable writing an essay, 68% were somewhat comfortable writing an essay, and 9% felt very comfortable writing an essa

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Budget Deficit for Education

The initial response to budget shortfalls was a sharp increase in public sector tuition, unaccompanied in most states by increases in need based financial aid, thereby reducing access to higher education for low-income students. Increases were not large en

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Research Engagement

A local inquiry by research-engaged schools can take many different forms but in every case, it should be disciplined, that is to say, based on the use of systematic approaches to project design and the evaluation of impact. A research-engaged school needs

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Establishining and Sustaining

There is growing interest in the ability of improvement science — the systematic study of improvement strategies to identify promising practices for addressing issues in complex systems (Improvement Science Research Network) — to spur innovation and addres

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​Rubrics as road maps

Even the best rubrics aren’t completely transparent. They simply can’t be. It has been drafted and repeatedly revised by a multidisciplinary expert panel and tested multiple times on sample student work to ensure reliability. But it still seems kind of vag

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The role of urban community colleges in education

The role of urban community colleges in educating diverse populations alumni relate stories of life change and new possibilities thanks to the open-door admission policies, specific student services programs, and conveniences of a community college. This p

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​California Postsecondary Education Commission

The exceptions to the FTES threshold currently being proposed by the Chancellor’s Office do not appear to be sufficiently flexible to address the types of circumstances described above. If these exceptions were in effect in 1997, they would not have permit

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Students Generation 1.5

Generation 1.5 students are U.S. -educated English language learners. There is great diversity among them in terms of their prior educational experience, native and English language proficiency, language dominance, and academic literacy. As expert writers

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3 Common Mistakes Students Make On The GRE

1. Mistake of not studying One of the common mistakes made by students while preparing for the GRE is inadequate preparation. Most of the students think that working under pressure will increase their output. Nonetheless, this is just but a common f

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