What is a pole reversal and what causes it?

Answer #1

a pole reversal is when the magnetic field switches. the north pole would become the south pole technically, and the south pole would become the north pole. what causes it i can’t remember, but it something natural in the earth.

Answer #2

Pole reversal is the reversing of the north and south magnetic poles. as to what causes it that would depend as to what you are referring. in an electromagnet reversing the current reverses the poles. as far as to Geomagnetic reversal (the reversing of the earths magnetic field) there are many theories. as far as internal causes the shifting of liquid metals in the earths core or spontaneous reversal such as what happens in the sun, as to external causes you have plates shifting and introducing new liquid metals into the core disrupting the magnetic field and when the magnetic field resets it could switch.

Answer #3

Wud life on earth b dissrupted at all? Do u know

Answer #4

yes there would be damage down. alot of solar radiation would hit the eat because at the switch the magnetic field would be extremely weak and have many holes in it. also that is just one problem there would be many.

Answer #5

pole reversal could change weather patterns migration patterns modern navigation as we know it. pole reversal is one of the theories for the last ice age

Answer #6

I understand, thx for ur answers

Answer #7

yeah I totally for got about the fact that it is the magnetic feild that deflects alot of the suns radiation thx breakingfan

Answer #8

Any chance that you could do this in simplified language so that those (like me) could understand what the h*ll you are talking about???

As to the question, plate tectonics (among other things) cause magnetic drift, as any sailor knows…

Answer #9

internal causes- the metal liquidy stuff moves around and causes the magnetic field to get all jumbled up and switch or it could just switch because it wants to (spontaneously) like the sun does. external cause- when all the hard metal stuff in the plates crash down into the core and melt, they crowd the party and every body starts fighting then once the party settles down the poles could be switched.

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