What would happen if you poured bleach on a fire ?

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I would think it would grow and leave a fowl odor in the air.

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The fire would get huge and the fire would follow the stream up into the bottle and explode I have had that happen to a friend once he thought it was just water and poured the whole thing on the fire and now has a huge burn running from his head to his waist.

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As far as I know chlorine bleach isnt flammable. Fire will cause it to decompose and give off chorline gas I think (though I am a biologist not a chemist!)

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Bleach is 95% water. If it was a small fire the bleach would just put the fire out. If the fire was large it would cause the sodium hypochlorite to break down and release chlorine gas. Chlorine is a particularly nasty gas and was used in gas attacks in WWI. It reacts with water in the eyes, mouth, and lungs to create Hydrochloric acid. In sufficient quantities it can cause blindness and a painful death by asphyxiation. Bleach should also never be mixed with cleaning products with ammonia because chemical reactions here can produce chlorine and other toxic chemicals.

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