What are the qualifications for becoming a mortician?

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That link doesn't seem want to go anywhere...hmmm...

3 w's.ehow.com/how_8117_become-mortician.html

Type that into your address bar.


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It's not "playing" with dead bodies. It is preparing them for the loved one's to have a funeral. It's a very respected position and it takes a lot of schooling.

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There are mortician schools...check them out on the internet. They aren't easy, either, as you have to understand and know anatomy, chemestry, etc...Here's a pretty generic site...as you'll see from the title of the link...


Why NOT be a mortician??? It's a service everbody needs...and you'll always be in business...no recession in the Mortuary business...


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first look for a school that offers mortuary science classes. you will need to take psychology, chemistry, biology, math, eng. comp. on top of that you will need to take a qualifying test before the board so that you get your license that will allow you to practice mortuary affairs. each state is different so make sure you got a plan. also make sure your shot records are up to date cause those will also b required due to the bio-hazardous nature of the job.

I've actually thought about that line of work. Me and my fiance are thinking of opening a funeral home.

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Your very close minded. a lot of very normal people are morticians.

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Being expierenced with the dead??
Maybe you need to learn about the body?

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I'm a Mortuary Science student right now at AAMI. Lots of attractive women there, like 3 out of every 5. It's amazing of the misconception people have in this sort of business but to those knowledgeable of it, look at it as another branch of the medical field, which it is.

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