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Cleveroad is a full-stack development company. We deliver high-quality software, desktop and mobile, and assist in its promotion and support. We create products using such languages as C#, Javascript, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby and numerous frameworks. We strongly follow the Agile approach in our workflow which lets us stay flexible and deliver products that meet our customers’ expectations. We value our clients and our reputation. This attitude allowed us to deliver over 150 successful projects during the last 5 years.
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Custom EHR System

Benefits of EHR systems for physicians and healthcare providers Advantages of EHR Reliability . EHRs can be found easily from any point of the world and they have backups in case of any system failures. It means that all files can be restor

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Real Estate CRM Tailored for Your Business

Aims of a real estate CRM system
Before choosing the most fitting CRM platform for real estate, you should find out what features you actually expect it to perform. Therefore, consider the operations you are faced with in your professional ac

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Steps to create an entertainment mobile app

To be honest with you, Cleveroad loves entertainment app development . Why? Because it's fun not only for users but for us too. Very often we are the first to test an app which makes the whole process even more amusing. This type of apps usually attract l

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

Underneath, I’ve singled out the websites our clients ask us to build most frequently. Also, I estimated how much money required to build a website of each type ( approximately ). How much does the average website cost? The Cost to Create a Web

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How to Create a Marketplace Website?

Development: How to build a marketplace website

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How to Make a Messaging App?

How to Create a Chat App Step 1. Research the market. Step 2. Define the competitors of your instant messaging app. Step 3. Select relevant features to make a chat app. Step 4. Pick the first platform(s) to create a chat app for. Step 5. Think thro

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How To Create A Dating App?

Dating app development can be both profitable for you and a good solution for people that want to find a soulmate. So check this article out to see how to build your dating app.

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The Latest Mobile Commerce Trends

Due to the constant progress, there are a lot of mobile commerce technologies that drastically change this industry. For instance, nobody is any longer surprised with using AR that allows to observe the desired product inside your own home. To keep this pa

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iOS developer roles and responsibilities

Many fail to understand the full scope of responsibilities that lay on shoulders of iOS developers. In fact, the borders of iOS developer responsibilities go beyond writing code. They take part at every stage of app development from planning and design asp

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How to Create Virtual Assistant Apps like Siri and Google Assistant

The onrush of technology definitely opens new opportunities for users but it also can be challenging for developers. In the near future, the availability of a voice interface in an app may be considered a par for the course. The applications that don't use

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Referral Marketing Program: Use These Vital Tips to Reach Your Audien...

Any thriving entrepreneur understands how important it is to maintain the constant flow of customers for the growth of a business. One of the most effective solutions to drive clients to your online business is an effective referral program. Besides, refer

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Ultimate Guide to Using Offshore Software Development Services to Bui...

Offshore software development implies that the headquarter of a company you cooperate with is placed somewhere far away from your native country. As a rule, there is a significant time zone difference.

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Mobile application development services

Cleveroad Inc. is a team of highly skilled mobile app developers that offers end-to-end mobile application development services for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We handle the entire project lifecycle: from concept to polished

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The Cost to Develop a Rental Cars App Like Hertz and Enterprise

There are so many of them that it was difficult to choose only a few. But the ones we are going to name are the best of the best.

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Discover Top 6 Content Analytics Tools to Monitor Its Efficiency

In order to take all the advantages the content creation is able to bring to your business, you should keep an eye on the metrics it produces. In other words, you should conduct the website content analysis. This way, you can learn the behavior of your tar

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IT Services Market Research: The Cost of Software Development in Europe

Returning to the point of common concern: 'How much does it cost to hire a software developer?', we want to clarify the state of affairs in 2017. The research presented in this article is based on the analysis of one of the biggest freelance platforms - Up

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See Top Blockchain Startups: Find The Idea For Your Project

Are you sufficiently informed about the capabilities of blockchain technology? Recently we have published a detailed article regarding blockchain solutions and how they work. And, according to the latest researches, blockchain is enetring many other indust

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CRM for eCommerce: Learn How Retail Startups Take Advantages of CRM

The use of CRM solutions for managing and maintaining relationships with customers in a B2C sector is a longstanding trend. In the online retail sector, customer information management is a vital part of any viable eCommerce platform. Ecommerce CRM solutio

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