Fragma Data Systems Private Limited

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Azure Cloud Services, Cognitive Services


Fragma Data Systems wants to be a valuable partner with business and IT by providing: big data analytics, powerful yet easy to use visualizations and insightful analysis of data enabling informed decision support. We are dedicated and committed to providing business value from data to our clients.

Best Cognitive Intelligence Services

Cognitive services give power to organizations to build apps that understand business
needs using natural methods of communication. We design algorithms by using AI
to solve business problems that comprises of Image Processing, Natural Language

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Finest Azure Cloud Service Provider

Azure is also known for its protocols, configuration with popular standards and languages which makes it a really secure and efficient cloud platform. Azure App Service gives users several capabilities . We are dedicated and committed to providing busines

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Select the Ideal Machine Learning Services

Machine learning is a very important part for each and every organization as well as the IT sector. In present time Machine Learning is used in the application , data analysis, and research. Fragma Data Systems Private Limited objective in delivering data

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Big Data Analytics Solutions Provider

Fragma Data Systems Private Limited is a leading service provider of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence Services across the globe. We support workflow automation, integration with legacy systems, and analytical and content applications. We are de

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