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We specialize in providing safety certificates for both GAS and ELECTRICITY to home owners and real estate agents.

As it is a social and moral responsibility for the landlord or the real estate agent to ensure the safety of the occupants/tenants this is the reason why? certification is important and keeping in mind that we care for our clients we ensure a reasonable price for our services

Are you considering a boiler replacement in near future?

You will hear many homeowners whose boiler is broken asking the same question to their gas engineer in London. Is it worth replacing my boiler or fixing it? And the answer of the expert is always the same – it depends. The homeowners ask this question beca

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Things your gas engineer in London will let you know

When winter is fast approaching, issues with boilers and other gas appliances are more often to occur in colder months. During these seasons, outdated sluggish boilers become less efficient and make homes and businesses less warm and uncomfortable. Also, t

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Role of a light installation electrician in your home building or ren...

When it is about choosing the right light fittings for your home, it is worth taking help of a professional light installation electrician . The lights you will choose will affect the entire ambiance of your home and can also have an impact on your elec

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Why you need boiler servicing on an annual basis?

Annual servicing of your boiler is crucial as it is more than just a normal safety checking. The annual servicing will check the condition and performance of the boiler and will ensure it is running at peak performance. It will also help in making sure any

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