Can my boyfriend be on my insurance?

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Yes maybe but when you die he will take all of the shit anyway. Wanted nigga please lol

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Yes he can as long as you registered him at the very beginning

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Yeah, it is high time that you ask all these questions and gets it all sorted out. Trends are changing a lot these days, and the practice of unmarried couples living together has become a common fashion. Unlike the yesteryears where there was hardly any insurance that worked for unmarried couples, these days things are changing, and policy laws have paved the way for unmarried partners to share insurance policies as well. Initially, partners used to get covered under the employer’s insurance plans only when the certificate of marriage is produced, and the family clause is established. But now the private sector insurance companies have largely come forward to help them out, and now even unmarried partners get to enjoy benefits under the same insurance. Things will be easy if an unmarried couple jointly owns a property. However, even if it is otherwise, you get insurance to cover these days. So it is possible for your boyfriend to be on your insurance. Check out here to know more about insurance schemes.

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