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  1. Toronto

    Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.

  2. Toronto/Midtown

    Midtown is a district in Toronto north of downtown. It isn't an area with a large number of museums, theatres, or other tourist attractions - although there are a few sights to see.

  3. Toronto/Yorkville and the Annex

    Yorkville and The Annex are two neighbourhoods along Bloor St where downtown Toronto meets midtown. Helped by the University of Toronto and the stately homes in the area, the district has a different feel than the downtown neighbourhoods to the south with their modern condos and busier lifestyles.

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  4. Toronto/Kensington-Chinatown

    Kensington Market and Chinatown are neighbourhoods in the western side of downtown Toronto. Kensington Market is one of the most eclectic and unique locations in the entire city.

  5. Toronto/West End

    The West End of Toronto is bounded roughly by Bathurst St to the east, St Clair Avenue to the north, the Humber River to the west and Lake Ontario to the south. The West End covers a vast swath of Toronto and includes ethnic enclaves and quiet, residential neighborhoods inhabited largely by recent immigrants to Canada.

  6. Toronto/Yonge-Dundas

    Yonge-Dundas is the very heart of downtown Toronto—in more ways than one. After all, the major arterials of Yonge Street and Dundas St meet here, and the resulting intersection may be the city's busiest (at least for pedestrians).

  7. Toronto/Entertainment and Financial Districts

    The Entertainment and Financial Districts, along with Yonge-Dundas to the north, form the heart of Toronto's downtown. By day, the suits and powerbrokers of the Financial District drive the city's economy from their glass and steel towers.

  8. Toronto/Downtown East

    The Downtown East covers an area south of Bloor Street roughly between Yonge Street and the Don River. Most points of interest are clustered either in the north or south ends of this district.

  9. Toronto/Harbourfront

    The Harbourfront neighbourhood in Toronto encompasses the area from the lakeshore corridor railway line in the north down to Lake Ontario in the south and from Exhibition Place in the west to Parliament Street in the east. Nearly the entire neighbourhood is built on land reclaimed from Lake Ontario in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

  10. Toronto/North York

    North York is one of the cities that in the 1997 City of Toronto Act became a part of the Toronto mega-city. North York has a unique charm being its own brand of multiculuralism.

  11. Toronto/Islands
  12. Toronto/East End

    The East End is a district of Toronto. It is known for its Greektown, the beaches of The Beach district and the trendy shops and restaurants along Queen St East.

  13. Toronto/Etobicoke

    Etobicoke (pronounced /ɛˈtoʊbɨkoʊ/, the last two letters are silent) is the westernmost of the six former Metropolitan Toronto boroughs. All were amalgamated as the city of Toronto in 1998.

  14. Vaughan

    Vaughan is a city in York Region, in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario.

  15. Toronto/Scarborough

    Scarborough is the easternmost of the six former boroughs which formed Metro Toronto.

  16. Richmond Hill (Ontario)

    Richmond Hill is a town located in Southern Ontario in the central portion of York Region. It is part of the Greater Toronto Area about 20 kilometres north of the downtown core of Toronto.

  17. Peel (Ontario)
  18. Markham

    Markham is a suburban city directly north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. It includes the historic village of Unionville, which is now a heritage district, and can offer the traveller some cheaper accommodation options if you don't mind the distance from the attractions of Toronto.

  19. Mississauga

    Mississauga is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is Toronto's largest suburb and Canada's sixth largest city.

  20. Toronto Pearson International Airport

    Toronto Pearson International Airport () is in Mississauga near Toronto. As Canada's busiest airport, it handled 38.

  21. Aurora (Ontario)

    Aurora is a town in York Region, in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario.

  22. Golden Horseshoe

    The Golden Horseshoe is a region in Ontario around Toronto along Lake Ontario.

  23. Brampton

    Brampton is a city within the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. It is one of Canada's fastest growing cities and has a population of more than 500,000.

  24. York (Ontario)

    York is a region in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. It consists of that portion of the former York County directly north of Toronto (excluding the six former boroughs of metropolitan Toronto itself).

  25. Newmarket (Ontario)

    The Town of Newmarket is located centrally in the Region of York in Ontario. It is located halfway between Toronto and Barrie along Highway 11/Yonge Street.

  26. Pickering (Ontario)

    Pickering is a Toronto outer suburb in Durham, Ontario. Located directly east of Toronto on Ontario Highway 401, it shares a name with Pickering in North Yorkshire, England.

  27. Oakville (Ontario)

    Oakville is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, approximately 30 kilometers west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  28. Ajax

    Ajax is a town in Durham Region, midway between Oshawa and Toronto. Split from Pickering Township in 1941 to house munitions factory Defence Industries Limited, it is now a growing Greater Toronto Area suburb with nearly 110 thousand people.

  29. East Gwillimbury

    East Gwillimbury, is a town in Ontario, located about 30 minutes north of Toronto. It includes the villages and hamlets of Holland Landing, Queensville, Mount Albert, River Drive Park, and Sharon.

  30. Georgetown (Ontario)

    Georgetown is the largest community (population 38,000) in the town of Halton Hills in the Halton region of the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario.

  31. Uxbridge (Ontario)

    Uxbridge is a township in the Durham region of the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario.

  32. Milton (Ontario)

    Milton is a town in Southern Ontario, located approximately 40 km (25 mi) west of Toronto. Once a small rural town, it is now a major suburban area of the GTA and is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.

  33. Glen Williams
  34. Whitby (Ontario)

    Whitby, a suburb directly west of Oshawa, is in the heart of the Durham region, 48 km (30 mi) east of Toronto, in the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. It has a population of 110,000 people (2006).

  35. Lincoln (Ontario)

    Lincoln is a town in the Niagara Peninsula. It is a mostly rural town, but also encompasses the towns of Beamsville and Vineland and other smaller communities.

  36. Burlington (Ontario)

    Burlington is a city in Ontario, Canada which lies across Burlington Bay from Hamilton. Located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Burlington is a 45-minute drive from Toronto and Niagara.

  37. St. Catharines
  38. Durham (region, Ontario)
  39. Niagara-on-the-Lake

    Niagara-on-the-Lake is a small town in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. It sits on the shore of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Niagara River.

  40. Oshawa

    Oshawa is a city in Southern Ontario, Located 50km east of Toronto, its primary industry is the manufacture of General Motors automobiles. Oshawa is at the eastern edge of the Toronto's surrounding urban area.

  41. Caledon (Ontario)

    Caledon is a town, large in size but mostly rural, in the Peel region of the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. The Niagara Escarpment and the Credit River run through the town, and there are many areas of natural beauty.

  42. Acton (Ontario)

    Acton is a community in the Town of Halton Hills in Halton Region. It is located above the Niagara Escarpment, and the Bruce Trail passes to the south and east of the community, with the Guelph Trail branching off and passing south of town.

  43. Hamilton (Ontario)

    Hamilton is a port city in Ontario with a population around 520,000. It is situated at the westernmost end of Lake Ontario—the city wraps around the lake and continues towards the Niagara Escarpment, referred to by locals as "the mountain.

  44. Niagara Peninsula

    The Niagara Peninsula is located in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe, encompassing most of the city of Hamilton and all of Niagara Region.

  45. Lewiston (New York)
  46. Niagara Falls (Ontario)

    Niagara Falls, Ontario, is the self-proclaimed "Honeymoon Capital of the World". For over a century the grandeur of the waterfalls of the Niagara River have attracted tourists to this destination.

  47. Niagara Falls (New York)

    Niagara Falls is in the Niagara Frontier region of New York state.

  48. Orangeville (Ontario)

    Orangeville (30000 inhabitants) is about an hour's driving north of Toronto.

  49. Welland
  50. Barrie

    Barrie lies at the end of Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe in Southern Ontario. Watersports and boating on the bay bring visitors from all over Ontario.

  51. Grand Island (New York)

    Grand Island is an island and town sandwiched between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, in the Northtowns region of New York.

  52. Port Colborne

    Port Colborne is a small town in Ontario's Niagara Region on the northern shore of Lake Erie and the southern end of the Niagara Peninsula.

  53. Guelph

    Guelph is a city in Southwestern Ontario, situated along the banks of the Speed River less than an hour's drive west of Toronto. It is nicknamed The Royal City, as its name comes from the imperial House of Guelph that once ruled Great Britain.

  54. North Tonawanda
  55. Tonawanda

    Tonawanda is the name of both a city in the Northtowns of Erie County, New York, and the unincorporated suburban township that surrounds it. The incorporated village of Kenmore also makes up part of the Town of Tonawanda.

  56. Lockport
  57. Orillia
  58. Buffalo/North Buffalo

    Perhaps North Buffalo doesn't have the immediate cachet of other parts of the city. The clothing boutiques on Hertel stock fashions that may not be as up-to-the-minute as the ones in the Elmwood Village.

  59. Barker (New York)

    Barker is a small, sleepy town of about 533 people in Niagara County, New York. It's one of the villages and hamlets that together make up Somerset, a rural community on the south side of Lake Ontario, some 45 minutes away from the famous Niagara Falls.

  60. Fort Erie
  61. Buffalo/Elmwood Village

    Buffalo's Elmwood Village is aptly named: it is a delightful combination of the best aspects of urban life — world-class cultural institutions, fine dining, vibrant yet laid-back nightlife, and crowds and bustle — with the friendliness and charm of a small village. The main drag of this enchanting neighborhood, Elmwood Avenue, boasts Buffalo's largest, most diverse, and most longstanding collection of funky boutiques, bars, and restaurants, anchored at its north end by Buffalo State College and the Museum District.

  62. Buffalo/Allentown and the Delaware District

    Allentown and the Delaware District are two neighborhoods in Buffalo that are located adjacent to each other and north of downtown. These two areas are among the most desirable neighborhoods in the city today, and, much more than most other areas of Buffalo, were able to retain their charm, affluence, and safety throughout Buffalo's dark days from the 1960s to the turn of the millennium.

  63. Buffalo/West Side

    Sure, for now the Elmwood Village is Buffalo's premier neighborhood for fine dining and cute urban boutiques; Allentown is where local artists and bohos congregate, and downtown still takes the cake when it comes to the urban rehabilitation that Western New Yorkers have grown more and more used to. But look out — the West Side is poised to snatch all three of those crowns.

  64. Cambridge (Ontario)

    Cambridge is one of the cities that forms a tightly-integrated metro area, along with Kitchener and Waterloo, within the larger Region of Waterloo in Southwestern Ontario. Cambridge was created in 1973 by the merger of the city of Galt, the towns of Preston and Hespeler, and the village of Blair.

  65. Fergus
  66. Amherst (New York)
  67. Buffalo/Downtown

    Downtown has been the nucleus of Buffalo since its foundation; over two centuries later, it retains its central importance in the Niagara Frontier both geographically and commercially. Though its bygone era of bustling streets and fancy department stores along Main Street has not been completely reclaimed, visitors to downtown today will be greeted with a lot more than the boarded-up storefronts and eerie desolation that they would have seen a quarter-century ago.

  68. Buffalo

    The largest city in New York State's Niagara Frontier, Buffalo is a city full of surprises. Though Buffalo is sometimes the butt of jokes about chicken wings, its long-suffering sports teams, and the mountains of snow under which it is supposedly buried each winter, local residents and others who are in the know tell a different story: one of vibrant nightlife, world-class museums and cultural attractions, tight-knit neighborhoods with community spirit and a real sense of place, a winning combination of high quality of life and low cost of living — and the sunniest summers in the Northeastern United States.

  69. Brantford

    Brantford on the Grand River in Southwestern Ontario, Canada is a former industrial city. 'The Telephone City', it is where Alexander Graham Bell said he invented his telephone, and from where he placed the first "long distance" call to nearby Paris.

  70. Elora

    Elora is a small town near Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It is extremely picturesque, being situated along the Grand River and the Elora Gorge.

  71. Buffalo/East Side

    If you're a visitor in Buffalo and you ask a local for advice, one of the things you'll almost certainly be told is to stay away from the East Side. "You take your life in your hands when you cross Main Street", so they might say, perhaps punctuating their warning with lurid tales straight out of a pulp magazine about the trouble a friend of a friend ran into there, or half-remembered news headlines about street gangs and drive-by shootings.

  72. Cheektowaga

    Cheektowaga is a town in the Northtowns of Erie County, New York.

  73. Buffalo/South Buffalo

    Buffalo is movin' on up these days: downtown has luxury hotels and condos aplenty, the Elmwood Village has high-end specialty shops, even the West Side sports a vibrant multiethnic pastiche with exotic food markets, restaurants, and artists. But let the other parts of town compete to see who's trendiest.

  74. Lackawanna
  75. Middleport

    Middleport is a village in the Niagara Frontier region of New York.

  76. West Seneca

    West Seneca is a town in the Southtowns of Erie County, New York.

  77. Clarence (New York)

    A second-ring suburb of Buffalo, New York, affluent Clarence is a haven for antique shopping. Main Street in Clarence Hollow, the town's adorable, quaint business district, is where you'll find many of the antique stores that draw visitors to Clarence from all over the region—as well as a wide range of other charming shops, restaurants, and other attractions.

  78. Kitchener

    Kitchener , with neighbouring Waterloo and Cambridge forms a tightly-integrated metro area within the larger Region of Waterloo in Southwestern Ontario.

  79. Lancaster (New York)

    Lancaster is the name of a village and town in the Northtowns of Erie County, New York.

  80. Collingwood (Ontario)
  81. Hamburg (New York)

    Hamburg is the name of a village and town in the Southtowns of Erie County, New York.

  82. Waterloo (Ontario)

    Waterloo, Ontario, is one of three neighbouring cities, together with Kitchener, and Cambridge, forming a tightly-integrated metro area within the larger Region of Waterloo in Southwestern Ontario. Waterloo is known internationally for its two Universities: Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo.

  83. Medina (New York)
  84. Midland (Ontario)

    Midland and Penetanguishine in Simcoe County, Ontario are situated on the shores of Georgian Bay. A beautiful area for a vacation by the water, it draws many tourists, particularly in summertime.

  85. Orchard Park

    Orchard Park is the name of a village and town in the Southtowns of Erie County, New York.

  86. Port Hope
  87. St. Jacobs (Ontario)

    St Jacobs, or 'Jakobstettl' in the local Pennsylvania Dutch, is the heart of St Jacobs Country, a primary tourist destination north of Waterloo, Ontario.

  88. Penetang
  89. Eden (New York)

    Eden is a township in Erie County, New York, part of the Niagara Frontier.

  90. Port Dover
  91. Gravenhurst

    Gravenhurst is a small town in the Muskoka region of Ontario. Norman Bethune, the Canadian doctor who became famous in China for battlefield surgery, was born here, and is the town's most famous former citizen.

  92. Alden
  93. Waterport
  94. East Aurora

    East Aurora is a village in the Southtowns of Erie County, New York.

  95. Village at Blue Mountain

    Village at Blue Mountain is a city in the Blue Mountain part of Grey County just outside Collingwood (Ontario).

  96. Peterborough (Ontario)

    The City of Peterborough is considered the hub of the Kawarthas, as well as being the region's major business, education, cultural, and health care centre. This is a varied community -- a retirement city, but at the same time a university and college city.

  97. Fredonia (New York)

    Fredonia is a small town in New York's Southern Tier, near the shores of Lake Erie.

  98. Cobourg

    Cobourg is a town of 18000 people located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Northumberland County, southern Ontario, Canada. It is situated approximately midway between downtown Toronto and Kingston.

  99. Childs

    Childs is a tiny hamlet in Orleans County, New York. Located just north of the county seat of Albion, Childs is near the center of the county and has just enough activity to make it worth considering as a jumping-off point for a tour of the region.

  100. Batavia (New York)