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  1. Łódź

  2. Płock
  3. Piotrków Trybunalski

    People near Łódź

  4. Warsaw/Żoliborz
  5. Warsaw/Śródmieście

  6. Warsaw/Wola

    Wola is a district of Warsaw. It is immediately to the west of Śródmieście and blends seamlessly with it, the border between them being the Jana Pawła II Avenue.

  7. Warsaw/North

    Northern Warsaw comprises three predominantly residential districts, with some industry and commerce in the form of shopping centres. Białołęka is a rather new districts with only a little number of monument and nearly no tourist attractions, as it is described as "the bedroom of Warsaw".

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  9. Warsaw/South

    The districts of Warsaw south of Śródmieście have enjoyed a measurable growth in population numbers and importance in recent decades thanks to their proximity to the airport and the fact that the stretch of the Metro line first completed was one connecting Ursynów and Mokotów with Śródmieście. While primarily residential and filled with mostly 20th century developments, they contain their fair shares of historic buildings.

  10. Warsaw/West
  11. Warsaw/Western Centre

    The area to the west of Warsaw/Śródmieście, consisting of the districts of Wola, Ochota and Żoliborz contains many parts of the historic core of Warsaw, Poland. While not as densely packed with touristic points of interest as Śródmieście, it is still full of interesting places to visit and discover.

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  13. Warsaw/Ochota

    Ochota is a district of Warsaw. The name means "willingness" or "fancy".

  14. Warsaw/Praga
  15. Warsaw

    Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa) is the capital of Poland and, with 1.7 million inhabitants, its largest city.

  16. Warsaw/Old and New Town
  17. Poland

    Poland (Polish: Polska), is a country in Central Europe with a rich and eventful history, colourful heritage reflected in the variety of monuments from different periods and very varied landscape, extending from the long Baltic Sea coastline in the north to the Tatra Mountains in the south. In between you will find lush primeval forests featuring fascinating species of animals including bisons in Białowieża; beautiful lakes and rivers ideally suitable for various watersports, the best known of which are in Warmińsko-Mazurskie; rolling hills; flat plains; and even deserts. Among Poland's cities you can find the perfectly preserved Gothic old town of Toruń, Hanseatic heritage in Gdańsk and evidence of the 19th-century industrial boom in Łódź.

  18. Szydłowiec
  19. Kielce
  20. Radom

    Radom is the second-largest city in Mazowieckie, but despite its size it sees little tourist traffic. The city was a centre of light industry, but is now battling high unemployment and eyeing a transition to a knowledge-based economy.

  21. Częstochowa
  22. Toruń