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  1. Colon (Panama)

    Colón is a city in Central Panama. The town is in poor condition and notorious for its high crime rate, but it is worth driving around to look at the culture, people and architecture.

  2. El Valle
  3. Balboa

    Balboa is the separated from Panama City by the Cerro Ancon (Ancon Hill), one of Panama City's skyline landmarks. Between the entrance of the Panama Canal and the City, it's the home of the Panama Canal Administration ACP and part of the what was called "Canal Zone" when the Americans still ran the Canal.

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  4. Panama City
  5. Panama

    Panama is a country in Central America with coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. It has land borders with Colombia (and South America) to the southeast and Costa Rica to the northwest.

  6. Taboga

    Taboga is an island in Central Panama. It is one of the favorite escapes for residents of Panama City, who enjoy the beach, hiking, nature, fishing, and boat charters.

  7. Portobelo

    Portobelo is a port city in Central Panama. It is located on the northern part of the Isthmus of Panama.

  8. Pearl Islands

    The Pearl Islands (Spanish: Archipielago de las Perlas) are a region in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Panama. Made famous as the site for three seasons of the reality television show Survivor, the archipelago is a combination of beautiful islands with pristine virgin forest and sandy white beaches.

  9. San Blas Islands

    The San Blas Islands is a group of islands which are located just off the Caribbean coast of Eastern Panama. The indigenous Kuna Yala tribe have self governing authority over the islands.

  10. Santiago de Veraguas
  11. Pedasi

    Pedasí is a town in the Los Santos province of the Pacific West region of Panama.