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  1. Otta

    Otta is a town in Oppland. Otta sits at the confluence of Lågen and Otta rivers.

  2. Dovrefjell

    Dovrefjell is a mountain area in Central Norway that forms a natural barrier between East Norway and Middle Norway - "det Nordenfjeldske" (Norway "north of the mountains", i.e.

  3. Berkåk

    People near Otta

  4. Hafjell

    Hafjell is a ski resort in Gudbrandsdalen, 15 km (9 mi) north of Lillehammer.

  5. Tynset

  6. Gudbrandsdalen

    Gudbrandsdalen is a valley in Oppland. This grand, central valley runs for some 250 km from Lillehammer to the highlands and high central mountains.

  7. Lillehammer

    Lillehammer is a small town in the county of Oppland in south-central Norway. The town sits at the intersection of the lake Mjøsa and Gudbrandsdalen, the great valley of East Norway.

  8. Nordseter

    Nordseter is a ski resort town in Gudbrandsdalen, in Norway. Situated in beautiful natural surroundings at 850m, with many great activities.

  9. Gjøvik

  10. Valdres

    Valdres is a romantic and wild highland region in western Oppland County, Norway. This region reaches the edge of the wild Jotunheimen and also includes more gentle and wide tundra-like highlands, while down below there are lovely lakes, great valleys and little villages all along.

  11. Trondheim

    Trondheim, formerly Trondhjem or Nidaros, is an old city in central Norway. It is a key city in Norway, its skyline dominated by the lovely cathedral and city life dominated by the university.

  12. Røros
  13. Hamar

    Hamar is a city in Hedmark, Norway, facing the impressive Mjøsa lake. The city, which has a population of 31,000, was first established in the middle of the 11th century, but destroyed by a Swedish army in 1567.

  14. Jotunheimen
  15. Hallingdal

    Hallingdal is a valley in Norway's Buskerud county, west and northwest of Oslo. The valley is home to Norway's most popular ski resorts and is the main entrance to key hiking areas.

  16. Hemsedal

    Hemsedal is a valley and small town in Norway with ca 2000 inhabitants. Hemsedal is scenic located in the middle of South Norway, right between Oslo and Bergen, it is the northern branch of the great Hallingdal valley.

  17. Aure

    Aure is a typical coastal municipality of the county of Møre og Romsdal in Norway, with many beautiful small islands. Most of the population of 3,600 live near the coast.

  18. Åndalsnes and Romsdal valley
  19. Luster

    Luster is a village and name of a municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county. Luster sits right at the intersection of central alpine mountains, great glaciers and the iconic fjords.

  20. Valldal

    Valldal is the 30-kilometre-long valley going from the fjord in the south to the famous Trollstigen in the north. It is a fertile valley (known for strawberries and fruit) surrounded by alpine mountains.

  21. Geiranger
  22. Møre og Romsdal