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  1. Martinique

    Martinique is a Caribbean island that is an overseas department of France in the Caribbean Sea, north of St. Lucia and south of Dominica.

  2. Fort-de-France
  3. Trois-Ilets

    Les Trois-Îlets is a resort town in the French overseas territory of Martinique, in the Caribbean. It is home to about 8000 people and known as the birth place of Napoleon's wife Joséphine.

    People near Martinique

    • yohan henry

      Singing, Audio Production, Guitar, Bass...
      Roseau, Dominica
    • Sarah

      Photography, Reader, Wanderlust
      Cave Hill, Barbados
    • Sally

      Math, writing, Physics
    • BlehMehBleh

      Sleeping, Crying, Depressing Thoughts, ...
      Upper Hell's Gate, Bonaire
    • Nesia Jones

      Hair dresser
      Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

      Maths Teacher
      San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
    • Ihtz Mel

      dancing, Shopping, Singing
      Road Town
    • The Benjamin Bear

      Fashion Apparels, Urban Clothing, Conte...
      Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
    • N'kara Josette

      Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
    • bla

      Barcelona, Venezuela
    • T from NC

      Jack Of All Trades, General Constructio...
      Carolina, Puerto Rico
    • HardKnox Cafe

      Communicating, Listening, Compassion
      Carolina, Puerto Rico

  4. Gros Islet

    Gros Islet is a town at the far northern end of Saint Lucia. The town itself is the newest town in Saint Lucia, having only recently been promoted from being a village.

  5. Castries

    Castries is the capital city of Saint Lucia. Founded by the French in 1650, Castries now has a population of just over 11,000.

  6. Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia is a British Commonwealth country that is an island in the Caribbean, off the coast of Central America. It lies between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago.

  7. Scott's Head

    Scott's Head is a beautiful village at the end of the road on the southwest corner of Dominica.

  8. Marigot Bay
  9. Dominica

    Should not be confused with the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic.

  10. Roseau

    Roseau is the capital city of Dominica and has many restaurants, small shops and wonderful views of the mountains (to the east) and the Caribbean Sea (to the west).

  11. Portsmouth (Dominica)