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  1. Tha Khaek

    Tha Khek (ທ່າແຂກ) is the main town in Khammouane Province, in Central Laos.

  2. Nakhon Phanom
  3. Ban Nahin

    Ban Nahin (ບ້ານນາຫິນ), also known as Ban Khoun Kham and Na Hin village is a settlement on Rte 8 in northern Khammouane Province, in Central Laos.

    People near Tha Khaek

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      Shopping, Singing, Doctor, Drinking, S...
      Hue, Vietnam
    • quocnp1606

      Html, Youtube
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Hoang Nguyen

      1love, 3d Architectural Animation, 3d A...
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Hlinh

      Internet Marketing, Web Design, Magento...
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Ha Nguyen

      Gardening, Planting, Flowers, Fruits, O...
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Tigren

      Magento Development, Magento Support, M...
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • trump

      Online Courses Consultant, 12 Step Prog...
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Ngân Kim

      Internet Marketing, Web Design
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • arianapham

      Music, Doctor, Math Teacher
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Alice Taylor

      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Tran thi Diu

      Lap Trinh Php, Code, Lam Seo
      Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Ryna Lagger

      Hanoi, Vietnam

  4. Phong Nha-Ke Bang

    Phong Nha-Ke Bang is a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Quảng Bình Province, in the north of the Central Coast region of Vietnam. The park is 50 km north of Dong Hoi, around 450 km south of Hanoi.

  5. Sakon Nakhon

  6. Paksan

    Paksan (ປາກຊັນ) is in Bolikhamsai Province, in Central Laos. It is not a particular appealing town but has become a busy place (by Lao standards) due to the ever increasing traffic on Hwy 13.