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  1. Kuwait

    Kuwait (Arabic: الكويت) is a country in the Middle East. It is located at the head of the Persian Gulf, with Iraq to the north and west, and Saudi Arabia to the southwest.

  2. Kuwait City
  3. Abadan

    People near Kuwait

    • AtiyaAyda

    • Ughhhh.

      Listening To Bands, Thinking How Much M...
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • رحال بلا زاد

      كره القدم, نصائح الدايت والتخسيس ., الل...
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • A+

      Photography, Computers, Kung-fu
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • Salm6

      احل واجبات الرياضيات, اعرف الكثير عن كي...
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • Athbi Ali

      Writer, Advicing, Good Lestener
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • Abdelrahman Fathy

      Engineer, Electronics Teacher, Control ...
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • aialmulla6

      Sports , Music, Cars, Nursing, Guitaris...
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • السلطان عبدالحميد

      Mohamed Alflah, Spaak, Aboya
      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • ‫سيت انمي‬‎

      Kuwait City, Kuwait
    • hussein ali

      Teacher Raising Children, Skills In Soc...
      An Nasiriyah, Iraq
    • ‫الي ابوطالب‬‎

      Math, Cooking, Art Scrapbooking, Person...
      Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia

  4. Basra

    Basra (Arabic: البصرة Al Baṣrah) is a port city in the Lower Mesopotamia region of southern Iraq, very close to the border with Kuwait. It is Iraq's third largest city with a population of 1,700,000 (2003).