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  1. North Korea

    North Korea (officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK) is a country in East Asia located on the northern half of the Korean Peninsula, lying between Korea Bay and the East Sea (Sea of Japan). It borders China to the north, Russia to the north east and South Korea to the south.

  2. Wonsan

    Wonsan (원산, 元山市) is a city in the Donghae Coast region of North Korea.

  3. Baekdu Mountains

    People near North Korea

    • J. Gerono

      boxing, languages, Weight training
      Sinyong-dong, South Korea
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      Relationships, Literature, Korean
      Seoul, South Korea
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      Socks Supplier, Wholesale Socks Supplie...
      Seoul, South Korea
    • wang190325

      And I Like Girls, Seoer, Adwors
      Seoul, South Korea
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      Sports , Kpop, Creative, Korean Drama, ...
      Seoul, South Korea
    • 임선호

      Singing, Sarcasm, Historian
      Seoul, South Korea
    • 장재훈

      Music, Guitar, Vocals
      Seoul, South Korea
    • Katrizzia Marie Palon

      Songjeong, South Korea
    • JiHee

      Kpop, Korean, Chinese
      Yantai, China
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      writing, Website Content Writing, Conte...
      Kochi, Japan
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      Diploma Logistics, Bba Logistics, Mba L...
      Kochi, Japan
    • kerala taxi

      Kerala Taxi
      Kochi, Japan

  4. Pyongyang

    P'yŏngyang (평양 Pyeongyang), with about 2,750,000 inhabitants, is the capital city of North Korea. It is on the Taedong River in the southwest of the country.