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  1. Karachi

    Karachi, the noisy, bustling, ever-growing troubled metropolis of Pakistan, lies on the eastern coast of the Arabian Sea, just northwest of the Indus river delta. The largest city, and unarguably the most important, Karachi was the original capital of the nation.

  2. Kirthar National Park

    Kirthar National Park, a vast rugged national park in the south-west of Sindh is home to historic Ranikot fort. This dry arid land of seemingly endless landscapes of desert with rugged lines of hilly terrain, parallel rock hills, and twisted, stony valleys is ranked among the largest national parks of Pakistan and is home to a wide range of mammals, birds and reptile species.

  3. Thatta

    The unarguably historical town of Sindh, Thatta, just east of Karachi, is of great antiquity which has remained capital of Sindh for many centuries in the past, has now gained national prominence largely as a result of the imposing necropolis of Makli Hill, which provide a unique view of civilization in Sindh from the 14th to the 18th century.

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  4. Keenjhar Lake

    Keenjhar Lake also known as Kalri Lake is a huge fresh water lake which makes it a popular tourist resort in Sindh, 130 km northeast of Karachi. It is the second largest fresh water lake in Pakistan and is an important source of drinking water to metropolitan city of Karachi and other nearby cities surrounding the lake.

  5. Hyderabad (Pakistan)

    Hyderabad along the bank of mighty River Indus, is the second largest city of Sindh rich in culture, traditions and history. Hyderabad, which formerly remained the capital of Sindh for many centuries was used to be known as the Paris of India, due to belief that streets of the city were washed every morning with clean drinking water from River Indus before partition of the Indian subcontinent.