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  1. Cobán

  2. Semuc Champey

    Semuc Champey is a set of crystalline pools over the Río Cahabón in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. It consists of a natural 300 m limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabón River.

  3. Guatemala

    Guatemala is a country in the Central America region of North America. It has borders to Mexico in the north/northwest, to Belize in the northeast, to Honduras in the southeast, to El Salvador in the south.

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  4. Guatemala City

    Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala, a country in Central America.

  5. Sayaxché

  6. Rio Dulce

    Rio Dulce Town (Also called Fronteras) is a city in eastern Guatemala.

  7. Antigua Guatemala

    La Antigua Guatemala was the colonial Spanish capital of Central America. It is a World Heritage Site, and is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Guatemala.

  8. Santa Catarina Palopo
  9. Panajachel

  10. Santa Cruz la Laguna

    Santa Cruz la Laguna is a small town on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

  11. Lake Atitlán
  12. San Marcos La Laguna

    San Marcos La Laguna is a quiet town on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. The town has become a resort for all things spiritual, with several meditation, yoga, and massage centers.

  13. Copán Ruinas
  14. San Pedro la Laguna
  15. Santiago Atitlán

  16. San Juan (Guatemala)

    San Juan La Laguna is a town on Lake Atitl%C3%A1n. It doesn't have nearly as many tourists as other towns around the lake, and so it is a much quieter, more relaxed place to stay.

  17. Salcajá
  18. Cantel

    Cantel is a village in Guatemala, 10km from the major city of Quetzaltenango. It is inhabited by K'iche' Maya.

  19. Quetzaltenango
  20. Zunil

    Zunil is a small, mostly agricultural village located in Guatemala.

  21. San Antonio (Belize)

    San Antonio is a village in the Toledo District of southern Belize. The village was established by Mopan Maya who fled across the Guatemalan border in 1883 from San Luis, Peten, in order to avoid persecution and military service.