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  1. Cayenne

  2. Oiapoque

    Oiapoque is a border town in Amapá, right across the river from French Guyana.

  3. Saint-Georges (French Guiana)

    Saint-Georges (also known as Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock) is in French Guiana.

    People near Cayenne

    • Priscilla daryl

      Doctor, Singer
      Georgetown, Guyana
    • Muzzy

      Music, Relationships, Cheating Advise
      Georgetown, Guyana

      Maths Teacher
      San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
    • Nesia Jones

      Hair dresser
      Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
    • Sarah

      Photography, Reader, Wanderlust
      Cave Hill, Barbados
    • Sally

      Math, writing, Physics
    • bla

      Barcelona, Venezuela
    • Daniela Ruiz

      Cooking, Listening, Astrolog
    • Alier

      Bast Skill Driver
      Teresina Airport, Brazil
    • yohan henry

      Singing, Audio Production, Guitar, Bass...
      Roseau, Dominica

      Pharmacy, Chris Meds, Healthcare
    • GlobalizeIt

      Araguita, Venezuela

  4. Kourou

    Kourou is a town in French Guiana. Together with the Îles de salut outside the coast it used to be part of a penal colony for the worst criminals in France, but in 1946 the prisons were closed.