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  1. Asmara

    The Eritrean capital of Asmara is a vibrant mix of Italian and African architecture and culture. Founded in the twelfth century by a union of villages trying to protect themselves from bandits, Asmara has grown to become a bustling city of over half a million people.

  2. Massawa
  3. Axum

    Axum (አክሱም also spelt Aksum) is a city of 56,000 in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, just south of Eritrea, with which it shares the language of Tigrinya.

    People near Asmara

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      Hamlo Shet', Ethiopia
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      Hamlo Shet', Ethiopia
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      Hamlo Shet', Ethiopia
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      Hamlo Shet', Ethiopia
    • Sharkeem Foster

      Math, lying, swimmimg
      Hamlo Shet', Ethiopia
    • Clancy Vetter

      Singing, Drawing/visual art, German
      Hamlo Shet', Ethiopia
    • Nawaf

      Gamer, Advicer, Loner
      Jizan, Saudi Arabia
    • Yahya

      Math Teacher
      Jizan, Saudi Arabia
    • Ahmedsot

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      Abha, Saudi Arabia
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      Abha, Saudi Arabia
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      Sanaa, Yemen
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      Sanaa, Yemen

  4. Keren

    Sitting in the picturesque foothills of northern Eritrea, Keren is the country's second-largest city and regional capital of the surrounding districts. Approximately 146,000 people belonging to various tribes and ethnic groups call the city home.

  5. Hawzien

    Hawzien (also spelt Hawzen) is a town in the Gheralta area of the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. It is frequently used as a base for exploring the many rock-hewn churches of north-eastern Tigray.