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  1. Suchitoto

  2. Chalatenango
  3. El Salvador

    El Salvador is a country in Central America . It is bordered on the southwest by the Pacific Ocean, and lies between Guatemala and Honduras.

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  4. San Salvador

    San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador, approximately in the center of the country in a valley near the base of the San Salvador volcano. The city has a long history, with origins dating back to the Spanish conquest of the Pipil tribes.

  5. Santa Tecla

  6. La Libertad

    La Libertad is a municipality in the La Libertad department of Western El Salvador.

  7. Alegría (El Salvador)
  8. El Pital
  9. Santa Ana (El Salvador)

    Santa Ana is the second largest city of El Salvador and a very important one in terms of agriculture and coffee production (coffee plantations - called fincas - cover much of the land outside town and up the hills). Its historic center offers some of the best preserved architecture in El Salvador, including the Cathedral of Santa Ana, a marvel of neo-gothic architecture, the Teatro de Santa Ana, a beautifully decorated theatre of the early 1900's; and the Palacio Municipal in front of the main plaza with giant palm trees shooting out from its courtyard.

  10. Sonsonate
  11. Morazán
  12. San Miguel (El Salvador)

    San Miguel is the third largest city in El Salvador and center of agriculture and production. It is less cosmopolitan than the capital San Salvador in the West but the surrounding areas of San Miguel are very beautiful with many beaches around the city.

  13. Juayúa
  14. Apaneca
  15. Copán Ruinas

  16. Santa Rosa de Lima

    Santa Rosa de Lima is a city found in the department of La Union, El Salvador. People there are very generous but it is an unorganized place in the matter of speaking about how the stores are made.

  17. La Entrada

    La Entrada is a town in the Copán Department of the Honduran Highlands.

  18. Isla del Tigre

    Isla del Tigre is an island in the Gulf of Fonseca in Pacific Honduras.

  19. Lake Yojoa

    thumb|right|275px|View of the lakeLake Yojoa (Lago de Yojoa) is the largest natural lake in Honduras with a surface area of 79 km² (30.49 mi²) and an elevation of 700 m (2,297 ft).