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  1. Platres

    Platres is a village in Limassol district. It is subdivided into Pano (upper) and Kato (Lower) Platres, which fuels healthy local rivalry (the Pano lot consider themselves superior) but for all intents and purposes its is the same village.

  2. Pachna

    thumb|250px|Pachna in winter - vineyards in the foreground, snow on Mount Olympus in the background

  3. Limassol

    Limassol (Greek: Λεμεσός) is the second largest city (after the capital, Nicosia) of Cyprus. Following the Turkish invasion in 1974, it has become the principal sea port and has also developed into a significant tourist destination.

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  4. Nicosia (North)

    thumb|240px|Atatürk Square, with the figure of Atatürk and the Turkish flag

  5. Kyrenia

    Kyrenia (Κερύνεια, also Girne in Turkish) is a harbour town in Northern Cyprus.

  6. Bellapais

    Bellapais, Northern Cyprus, is known for its ancient monastery, which consists of picturesque ruins with great Gothic arches and towering stone walls.

  7. Paphos
  8. Larnaca
  9. Famagusta district (North)

    Famagusta district is a region that spans both Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. This article covers only the

  10. Famagusta

    Famagusta (Turkish: Gazimağusa or Mağusa, Greek: Αμμόχωστος Ammochostos) is a city in Northern Cyprus.

  11. Deryneia
  12. Ayia Napa

    Ayia Napa (now officially transliterated into English as Agia Napa from the Greek) is widely considered the premier nightlife location of Cyprus.

  13. Anamur

    Anamur is a city (population: about 60,000) in the very south of Turkey, only a few kilometres away from Turkey’s southernmost point (that is where ancient city of Anemurium is located), near 36° N. Anamur is also the central point of the entire length of Mediterranean coast of Turkey.