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  1. Kazanlak

    Kazanlak (Bulgarian: Казанлък, also transliterated as Kazanluk) is a city of about 80,000 people in Northern Thrace, close to the Balkan mountain range and Shipka Pass.

  2. Gabrovo

    Gabrovo (Bulgarian: Габрово) is a city in the Balkan region of Bulgaria.

  3. Tryavna

    People near Kazanlak

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      Giving Advice, Listening, Make Up
      Samovodene, Bulgaria
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      Graphics design , Gaming, Drawing/visua...
      Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    • Robert Starling

      Life Coach, Waste Management Expert, En...
      Razgrad, Bulgaria
    • Jose Smothers

      Internet Marketing, Extra Driving, Biog...
      Sofia, Bulgaria
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      Digital Marketing, Advertising, Logo De...
      Bucharest, Romania
    • Snow Howard

      Bucharest, Romania
    • Dan

      Engineer, Net Surfing, Internet
      Bucharest, Romania
    • Houfaf Abdssalem

      Programming, English Language, Electric...
      Bucharest, Romania
    • mayara :)

      writing, Giving Advice And Listening, G...
      Bucharest, Romania
    • Aria

      Geography, Fitness, Tourism
      Bucharest, Romania
    • Chauffeur travel

      Bucharest, Romania
    • Puns and Memes

      Listener, Student, Pun Master, Meme Lor...
      Burgas, Bulgaria

  4. Stara Zagora

    Stara Zagora (Стара Загора) is a city in Northern Thrace, Bulgaria.

  5. Hissar

    The town of Hissarya has a population of 9,308 inhabitants and is situated at 364 metres above sea level. The town is located in a small valley along the south-eastern outskirts of the Central Sredna Gora Mountain, in Northern Thrace.

  6. Veliko Turnovo

    Veliko Turnovo (Велико Търново, also transliterated as Veliko Tarnovo) is a mountain city located in the north of Bulgaria.

  7. Lovech

    Lovech (Bulgarian: Ловеч) is a town in North Bulgaria, centre of the Lovech Province.

  8. Plovdiv
  9. Pleven

  10. Kurdzhali (city)

    Kardzhali, also Kurjali, Kurdjali, Karjali, Kardjali, Kardschali or Kurdzhali (Bulgarian: Кърджали), is a city in The Rhodopes, Bulgaria.

  11. Pamporovo

    Pamorovo is the site of a ski resort in the Rhodope mountain range in Bulgaria. The nearby mountain Snejanke is 1926 m above sea level.

  12. Smolyan

    Smolyan is a town in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. It occupies the narrow gorge of the Cherna River in the East Rhodope Mountains, and has 34 000 residents.

  13. Devin

    Devin (Bulgarian: Девин) is a small village in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.

  14. Rousse

    Rousse (Bulgarian: Русе) is a city on the south bank of the Danube river, in North Bulgaria.

  15. Elhovo

  16. Edirne

    Edirne (pronounced eh-deer-neh) is a city in Eastern Thrace, in northwest Turkey. It lies on the gently rolling Thracian plains (much of the city is fairly flat, though) and just east of confluence of Maritsa, Tundzha, and Arda Rivers, known in Turkish as Meriç, Tunca, and Arda, respectively.

  17. Borovets

    Borovets is a ski resort in the Bulgarian Shopluk situated on the slopes of the Rila mountain range.

  18. Samokov

    Samokov is a town in Bulgarian Shopluk, 70 km south of Bulgaria's capital Sofia.

  19. Vratsa
  20. Sofia

    Sofia (София) is the capital of Bulgaria. It is also the biggest city in the country with about 1.