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  1. Brunei

    The Sultanate of Brunei (Full name: Negara Brunei Darussalam, with Darussalam meaning "Abode of Peace") is a small but — thanks to natural gas and petroleum resources — a very rich country in Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by Malaysia and has two parts physically separated by Malaysia, almost being an enclave.

  2. Kelabit Highlands

    The Kelabit Highlands is a highland plateau in the interior of Sarawak in Malaysia. The isolated region bordering Kalimantan, Indonesia, is now very popular for jungle trekking as well as those hoping to get away from it all.

  3. Kuala Belait

    Kuala Belait is the second largest city in Brunei. Kuala Belait lies along the Belait River near the South China Sea, west of Seria.

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  4. Bandar Seri Begawan

    Bandar Seri Begawan, also known as BSB or just Bandar, is the capital of Brunei.

  5. Miri

    Miri is the second largest city in Sarawak (with a population of about 300,000), located on its northern coast near the border of Brunei. Miri as known by its nickname "Oil Town", is the birthplace of the Malaysian petroleum industry as the city was founded in 1910 when the first oil well was drilled by Royal Dutch Shell and since then, petroleum has continued to drive the city's economy and development ever since.

  6. Labuan

    Labuan, the Pearl of Borneo, is a Federal Territory of Malaysia. It comprises one large and six smaller islands in East Malaysia.

  7. Beaufort (Sabah)

    Beaufort is a small town in southwestern Sabah, Malaysia. The town does not have much in terms of attractions but travellers may find themselves here for one of several reasons: to whitewater-raft the Padas River, to catch or arriving on the train to/from Tenom, or to take a break while doing the overland trail between Sabah and Sarawak.

  8. Tenom

    Tenom is a small town in the interior region of Sabah state in the Malaysian part of Borneo. The quiet and relaxed town is located in a valley and is in the heart of the area inhabited by the Murut people of Sabah.