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  1. Bangladesh

    The People's Republic of Bangladesh is a nation in South Asia, on the edge of the Indian subcontinent. It is nearly completely surrounded by India, having a small land border with Myanmar in the southeast and a coastline facing the Bay of Bengal in the south.

  2. Dhaka/Outer

    The outer suburbs of Dhaka describe a large semi-rural, industrial area in the north and east of the Bangladeshi capital. Uttara, in the north, is home to the major entry point for most visitors to the country, Shahjalal International Airport.

  3. Dhaka/North

    North Dhaka is a district in Dhaka. It can be further divided into Gulshan-Banani, an upper-class district which hosts the diplomatic zone as well as several ritzy hotels and five star restaurants, and Mirpur, an industrial area housing the city zoo, national stadium and botanical gardens.

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  4. Dhaka

    Dhaka (formerly Dacca in English) is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. It is the largest city in the historical region of Bengal and a major city in South Asia, along with another Bengali megacity, Kolkata.

  5. Dhaka/Central

    Central Dhaka is a district of Dhaka. It includes Motijheel, the centre of finance and business, the University of Dhaka, a historic area with a number of museums, and Tejgaon-Dhanmondi, home to large shopping malls, markets and a variety of eateries.

  6. Dhaka/Old Dhaka

    Old Dhaka is a district of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Old Dhaka is located on the banks of Buriganga River.

  7. Sonargaon
  8. Mymensingh

    Mymensingh is a city in Bangladesh with renowned educational institutes, Brahmaputra River, and the beauty of green paddy fields.

  9. Bogra

    Bogra is a city in Rajshahi Division, one that had seen significant developments during President Zia's reign.

  10. Shahbazpur Town

    Shahbazpur Town is a town/nagar in Brahmanbaria District in the Chittagong Division of eastern Bangladesh and its old name (with diacritics) is Shāhbāzpur.

  11. Khulna

    Khulna is the main city in Khulna Division in Bangladesh. On the bank of Rupsha (and Bhairav) river, it is known as the industrial city and located in southern part of Bangladesh.

  12. Agartala

    Agartala is the capital city of Tripura, a north-eastern state of India.

  13. Naogaon District

    Naogaon District is located in north-eastern Bangladesh, within the Rajshahi Division. The District is perhaps most well-known for being home to the world heritage listed Paharpur Vihar.

  14. Bagerhat

    Bagerhat is a world heritage listed historical town in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh.

  15. Rajshahi