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  1. Berat

    Berat is a city in Albania. In 2008 it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town.

  2. Librazhd

    Librazhd is the name of a town and district in Albania. It is located in the central east of Albania between Elbasan and Pogradec

  3. Tirana

    Tirana (Albanian: Tiranë) is the bustling and modern capital of Albania.

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  4. Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park

    Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park is in the Librazhd and Bulqizë regions of Albania. It is one of Albania's newest national parks, having been created in 2008.

  5. Vevčani

  6. Durrës
  7. Pogradec

    Pogradec is a town in the east of Albania on the shores of Lake Ohrid. Overshadowed by its glitzy neighbors on the Macedonian side of the lake, the town of Pogradec has been experiencing a revival recently.

  8. Struga
  9. Vlorë

  10. Debar

    Debar is a small city in the very western part of Western Macedonia right on the border with Albania. Debar is a small city with about 10,000 people.

  11. Galičica National Park
  12. Fir of Hotova National Park

    Fir of Hotova National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombetar “Bredhi i Hotoves-Dangelli”) is located near Permet in Southeastern Albania of Albania (40° 18′ 13″ N, 20° 24′ 40″ E).

  13. Ohrid
  14. Lure National Park

    Lure National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombetar i Lures) is in Northeastern Albania (41° 47′ N, 20° 11′ E).

  15. Permet

  16. Lezhe

    Lezhë is a small city in Albania and part of the historic Mirdita regionLately there has been new development in terms of seaside hotels and countryside guesthouses.

  17. Korçë
  18. Gjirokastër
  19. User:Arianit/Valbona Valley National Park
  20. Resen

    Resen (Macedonian: Ресен) is a city in southwestern Macedonia. It has just under 9,000 residents within city limits and is the seat of Resen Municipality which includes the town as well as 43 surrounding villages with a total population of nearly 17,000.

  21. Kičevo
  22. Prespa (Greece)
  23. Sarandë
  24. Kukës
  25. Brajčino
  26. Shkodra

    Shkodra is the fourth largest city in Albania. Recently, it has experienced a face lift as streets and buildings were renovated, a promenade opened and a new swing bridge built over the Buna River.

  27. Gostivar

    Gostivar is a town in the Western Macedonia. The town has about 45,000 people.

  28. Ulcinj

    Ulcinj (Cyrillic: Улцињ, Albanian: Ulqin or Ulqini) is the most southern coastal town of Montenegro.

  29. Pelister National Park
  30. Western Macedonia
  31. Kruševo
  32. Makedonski Brod

    Makedonski Brod is a town in Western Macedonia, on the south-eastern part of Suva Gora, western Karadžica, and south-western Dautica mountains.

  33. Bitola

    Bitola (Macedonian: Битола) is a grand old town that still bears the marks of its turn-of-the-century importance as a center for diplomacy – while also exemplifying the country’s time-honored cafe culture. Bitola is nicknamed “city of consuls” and is the second largest city in the Republic of Macedonia, with a population of nearly 100,000.

  34. Bajram Curri

    Bajram Curri is the largest town in the Tropoja District of northern Albania, near the border with Kosovo. It is an important gateway to the spectacular Valbona valley and the breathtaking ferry ride across Lake Koman.

  35. Corfu

    Corfu, known also by its Greek name Kerkyra (Κέρκυρα), is the northernmost of the Ionian Islands in Greece. Located off of the far northwest coast of the country, Corfu lies in the Adriatic sea, east of Italy and southwest of Albania.

  36. Kastoria
  37. Tetovo

    Tetovo (Macedonian: Тетово, Albanian: Tetovë) is a town tucked into the northwestern corner of western Macedonia, in the shadow of the Šar Mountains. The major city of the Polog region, it has about 53,000 people, making it the fifth-largest city in Macedonia.

  38. Corfu Town
  39. Thethi

    Thethi is a village surrounded by Thethi National Park, up on Albanian Alps, in Northeastern Albania, in Shkodra District.

  40. Prokletije

    Prokletije (Albanian: Alpet Shqiptare or Bjeshkët e Nemuna), sometimes called the Accursed Mountains are a range in Serbia, Kosovo, and northern Albania.

  41. Prizren

    Prizren , in Kosovo, is a pretty city of mosques and monasteries dating to the 14th century. Happily spared (mostly) from both the "destroy the old, build the new" drive of the communists during the early years of their rule in Yugoslavia, as well as the ethnic and religious atrocities that plagued the Western Balkans in the last decade of the 20th century, Prizren has the best-preserved old town in the country by far, and is often referred to as the cultural capital of Kosovo.

  42. Gjakova

    Gjakova/Gjakovë (Albanian) is a city in western Kosovo with about 101,000 inhabitants.

  43. Prevalla

    Prevalla (Serbian Prevala) is a skiing center 28 km from Prizren, Kosovo.

  44. Skadar Lake National Park

    Skadar Lake National Park is the Montenegrin side of Lake Skadar. It is the largest lake of the Balkans.

  45. Virpazar

    Virpazar is a small town on Lake Skadar in Montenegro. Its main attraction is its proximity to the lake and as a great starting point for hiking.

  46. Prilep

    Prilep is a city in Western Macedonia nicknamed "The city under Marko’s towers", alluding to its fortress. The city of 76,768 is the Macedonian tobacco capital.

  47. Otranto
  48. Ptolemaida
  49. Macedonia (country)

    Macedonia (Macedonian: Македонија Makedonija) is a landlocked country in the Balkans. It's bordered by Serbia and Kosovo to the north, Albania to the west, Bulgaria to the east, and Greece to the south.