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  1. Mariehamn

  2. Eckerö
  3. Brändö

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  4. Uusikaupunki

    Uusikaupunki (Swedish: Nystad) is a city in Finland Proper in Western Finland.

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  6. Stockholm archipelago

    The Stockholm archipelago, Stockholms skärgård or skärgården, is a group of thousands of islands in the Svealand region, extending east of Stockholm in the Baltic Sea. While many of the islands are relatively small, two large ones, Värmdö and Vaxholm, stand out as major destinations.

  7. Rauma

    Rauma (Finnish) or Raumo (Swedish) is a town in Satakunta. The wooden houses in the center of the old town are a UNESCO World Heritage site, as is the Bronze Age burial site Sammallahdenmäki about 20 km east of downtown.

  8. Archipelago Trail

    The Archipelago Trail or Archipelago Ring Road (Swedish: Skärgårdens ringväg, Finnish: Saariston rengastie) is a route in the Archipelago Sea in Finland, which uses roads and ferry connections to visit many of the major island in this archipelago.

  9. Archipelago Sea

    The Archipelago Sea, Finnish Saaristomeri, Swedish Skärgårdshavet, is the part of the Baltic Sea between the main islands of Åland and the Finnish mainland. It is one of the largest archipelagos in the world, by count of islands and islets, with the biggest islands being some ten to twenty kilometres across, some of the inhabited islands less than a kilometre, and thousands of skerries.

  10. Nagu

    Nagu (Finnish: Nauvo) is a former municipality, now part of Pargas, in the Archipelago Sea in south-west Finland. It consists of two main islands and some 3000 minor ones.

  11. Uppsala County

    Uppsala County, Uppsala län, is located in eastern Svealand in middle Sweden, at the Baltic Sea. The county makes up most of the Uppland province; the south-eastern part belongs to Stockholm County.

  12. Naantali

    Naantali (Swedish: Nådendal, Latin: Vallis Gratiæ) is a town near Turku in Western Finland. It is a popular tourist destination in the summer.

  13. Lidingö
  14. Stockholm/Östermalm
  15. Stockholm/Djurgården

  16. Stockholm/Gamla stan

    Gamla stan [gamlaˈstɑːn], the Old Town, also known as Staden mellan broarna ("the town between the bridges") is the Old Town in Stockholm, containing genuine cultural heritage, as well as tourist traps. Adjacent islands are Helgeandsholmen, with the Swedish Parliament, and Riddarholmen, with several nobility palaces, today occupied by various government functions.

  17. Stockholm/Södermalm
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  19. Stockholm

    Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden, with nearly 2 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. The inner city is made up of 14 islands across Lake Mälaren and three streams into the brackish Baltic Sea, with the Stockholm archipelago with some 24,000 islands, islets and skerries.

  20. Stockholm/Norrmalm

    Norrmalm [nɔrˈmalm], also known as City, is the central borough of Stockholm, bordering to Östermalm to the east at Birger Jarlsgatan, the Old Town to the south, Kungsholmen to the south-west, and Vasastan north-west of Tegnérgatan. The small Skeppsholmen island can be reached across a bridge.

  21. Stockholm/Vasastan

    Vasastan (formally Vasastaden) is a neighbourhood in north-central Stockholm, making up the northern part of the Norrmalm borough. It borders Östermalm to the east at Birger Jarlsgatan, Kungsholmen to the south-west, and Solna to the north-west.

  22. Stockholm/Kungsholmen

    Kungsholmen is an island-borough just west of central Stockholm, where the Stockholm City Hall, Stockholms stadshus, is a dominant landmark.

  23. Northern suburbs of Stockholm

    The northern suburbs of Stockholm, Norrort [ˈnɔrˈuʈ], consist of several municipalities, separate from Stockholm: Danderyd, Täby, Vallentuna, Sollentuna, Upplands-Väsby, Upplands-Bro and Järfälla. To the west they border Västerort (the western suburbs) and Western Uppland; to the north is Sigtuna, and to the east Roslagen and Stockholm archipelago.

  24. Stockholm/Söderort
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  26. Stockholm/Västerort, Solna and Sundbyberg
  27. User:PrinceGloria/Västerort, Solna and Sundbyberg
  28. Knivsta

    Knivsta is a municipality just south of Uppsala and the Uppsala countryside, on the Uppland Plains.

  29. Turku

    Turku (Swedish: Åbo) is the oldest city and former capital of Finland. It was settled during the 13th century, making it one of the only few – and by far the largest – medieval cities in Finland.

  30. Pargas

    Pargas (Finnish: Parainen) is a town and municipality in Finland Proper, the centre of which is the only real (although small) town in the Archipelago Sea, which to a large part belongs to the municipality.

  31. Finland Proper

    Finland Proper (Varsinais-Suomen maakunta, Egentliga Finland) is a region in Western Finland with a population of 460 000.

  32. Sigtuna

    Sigtuna is a municipality in Stockholm County, north of Stockholm's northern suburbs, south of Knivsta in Uppsala County, with around 45,000 inhabitants.

  33. Uppsala

    Uppsala, archaic spelling Upsala, is a university city in Sweden, 80 kilometers north of Stockholm, and the capital of Uppsala County. With a population of 158,000 (200,000 in the municipality), it is Sweden's fourth largest city.

  34. Uppsala countryside

    The Uppsala countryside is the part of Uppsala municipality, Uppsala kommun, outside metropolitan Uppsala itself. Some 60,000 people live in Uppsala's suburbs and surrounding villages.

  35. Kaarina

    Kaarina (Swedish: Sankt Karins‎) is a town in the Finland Proper region of Finland, about 10 km east of Turku. Also Piikkiö belongs to the municipality.

  36. Örö
  37. Tierp

    Tierp [ˈtiːærp] is a town in northern Uppsala County in Sweden with approximately 5,500 inhabitants, being the largest settlement between Uppsala and Gävle. Despite being a rather small town, Tierp practically serves as the center for the entire Tierp Municipality with approximately 20,000 people, explaining a relatively large amount of restaurants and stores.

  38. Älvkarleby
  39. Kimitoön