Upper Galilee

The Upper Galilee (Hebrew: הגליל העליון HaGalil HaElyon, Arabic: الجليل al-Jalīl) is a northern region of Israel.

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About Upper Galilee

The Galilee, apart from the Western Galilee, the Galilee Panhandle and the Sea of Galilee region, can be separated into the Upper Galilee and the Lower Galilee. It is generally a forested highland area with relatively sparse population. Its landscape and historical associations make it a great draw for the traveller.

The Upper Galilee consists of rugged forested hills, of which the highest of Mount Meron, with an elevation of 1208 meters. From Mount Meron, the landscape gradually slopes down on the east and west towards the Mediterranean Sea and Sea of Galilee. To the north, the Upper Galilee continues (geographically speaking) into Lebanon. To the south, there is a sudden descent to the Lower Galilee, where the highest peaks are around 500 meters. Route 85, the east-west road running at the foot of this descent, is generally considered the practical boundary between Upper and Lower Galilee.


Source: wikivoyage