Meguro (目黒) is a largely residential district in southwest Tokyo, named after the Meguro River.

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Kumano Shrine

Built 800 years ago. Surrounded by trees, people visit to pray or just for the peace and quiet. Some come for specific the worship practice of ''Yakuyoke'' a purification ritual to drive out evil spirits. Like all shrines, they sell protective amulets for health, good studies, or traffic safety, but these are distinctively cute. For a traditional shrine, they have a particularly flashy website that gives a good preview.

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Meguro Parasitological Museum

One of a kind and oddly popular with couples on dates, although you might want to skip lunch before (or after) your visit here as the exhibits and pictures can be rather graphic. A compact two-story building, the most famous exhibit inside is an 8.8 meter-long tapeworm, with a matching string for you to take the measurement.


Though the building looks a little old, this Mexican restaurant has some great Tex-Mex cuisine. The menu is not very large, but what it has is worth eating. Portions are reasonably sized, so consider getting an appetizer along with the main dish. For drinks, there are several Mexican beers and Mexican tequila available.


Try the apple pie a la mode. Popular dishes here are the odd combination of spare ribs and apple pie. You can eat many flavors of tender spare ribs such as soy sauce, basil, and mustard. You can choose from sauces on your apple pie: cinnamon, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate and carmel--with vanilla ice cream too.


Excellent izakaya serving up very authentic and tasty Okinawan food, try the ''goya champuru'' (bitter gourd stirfry) and the Okinawan-style raw spring rolls. Occasional free live performances of Okinawan music.


This Indonesian restaurant opened in 1955, and though it looks a bit run-down from the outside, it's full of atmosphere, the food is good, and the staff is friendly. Weekends and lunch by reservation only.


There are many kinds of kimono which is gathered all over Japan. Money pouch (巾着) and bag which are made by cloth of kimono are popular. In this shop, you can learn how to put on kimono.

Tokyu Stay Meguro-Yutenji

Part of the Tokyu Stay chain, these hotels are popular with business travelers. The small kitchenettes, washer/dryers, and free LAN access in all rooms makes these a good value.

Nihondo Kampo Boutique

It is a Chinese herbal medicine and healthy food shop. Advisers choose the best medicine for you. Chinese tea is popular for young women because it is good for beauty.


Specializes in ''sundubu'', a Korean stew which actually has roots in Los Angeles. All-you-can-eat banchan, which is common practice in Korea but rare in Japan!

Meguro Gajoen

A luxury hotel and wedding hall, with restaurants, cafes, and banquet rooms. One of the most popular attractions, though, is the spectacular public restroom.

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Princess Garden Meguro Hotel

Princess Garden offers rooms that are very comfortable. The beautiful garden and Japanese Tea Room on the hotel grounds add a level of beauty and serenity.

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Komahachi Meguro Sanma Center

Izakaya serving sanma in all shapes, try at least the shioyaki and the sushi. Adventurous eaters might try the sanma rice crackers that include the head.

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Nana's Green Tea

This cafe has a lot of sweets and drinks made with powdered green tea and adzuki bean. Taste four kinds of Japanese tea. Try the Maccha chocolate latte.

Tuk Tuk

Only in Japan: Italian and Thai on the same menu. Fortunately they don't actually mix the ''tom yum kung'' and ''gnocchi'', and both are good.

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Art museum housed in a classic Art Deco style structure, connected to a small park with Japanese and Western gardens and outdoor sculptures.

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This temple contains over 300 statues, all with different facial expressions. They were all carved by the same monk from 1687 to 1695.

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The Westin Tokyo

Rooms are elegant and well furnished with over-sized bathrooms and workout areas. Their in house spa offers a variety of services.


Yakitori (chicken kebab) and ''kimuchi chahan'' (fried rice with Korean pickles - tastes better than it sounds!).

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Speyside Way

Hundreds of whiskeys fill every available space. Hundreds. Short selection of micro-beers is also available.

Institute for Nature Study

A 200,000 sq m nature preserve in the heart of the city, with birds and waterfowl, insects and marine life.


Possibly good place to go for ''tonkatsu'' (breaded deep-fried pork cutlets), and popular with foreigners.

Mangetsu Korean Cuisine

Korean-run establishment with an intimate atmosphere, great for an evening date. Good ''chijimi''!


Though their specialty is pizza, the peperonchini soup pasta is beyond words for garlic lovers.


Organic donut shop. Seemingly oxymoronic healthy donuts are made with soy milk.

Jiyugaoka Burger

Domestically-sourced, organic and THICK burgers in a lush balcony setting.

The Meguro Tavern

A British-style pub with plenty of draft beers and football on the telly.


Spacious, classy but casual restaurant-bar with live music every night.

Hotel Pulitzer Jiyugaoka

Small hotel with only 18 rooms right in the center of Jiyugaoka.


This Japanese-style confectionery shop was establish since 1938.

Sweets Forest

This is a mall dedicated to desserts. Multiple shops and cafes.


Irish pub with live music many nights.

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A bakery offering vegetable cakes

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Rude Boy Cafe

Reggae, some curry, tequila.

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