Thoddoo is an isolated inhabited island that administratively belongs to North Ari atoll, Maldives. It's quite large by Maldivian standards, it will take about an hour to circumvent it.

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Thoddoo Island is surrounded by a wonderful beach. The locals are very friendly and very welcoming, but due to Muslim restrictions you can only swim at the designated tourist beach which sometimes is called the bikini beach. While outside the tourist beach it advisable to wear beach clothing rather than bikinis or swimming slips. The film Ghosts Can’t Do It was filmed the Island of Thoddoo. The cast stayed at tents on the beach. The 45th president Donald Trump took a small part in the film but was never in Thoddoo This island is a farm Island Mainly Passion fruits and Papayas are grown, and they are one of the tastiest and freshest you can eat. Mangoes, watermelon, eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, lettuce are grown very limited.


Source: wikivoyage