Strumica is a city in Eastern Macedonia. The city contains 37,000 people with an absolute Macedonian majority.

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The Holy Mother of God Eleusa monastery church

This Byzantine monastery still inhabited by monks and nuns and known for their fresco paintings, mosaics and general tranquility. - The bishop Manuel of Strumica made this monastery, dedicated to the Holy Virgin Eleusa of Tenderness, in 1080. The monastery is important because of its architechtural layout, 11th century frecoes, floor mosaic, and the marble iconstatis.

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Monastery church of St. Leontij

visitors shouldn’t leave without experiencing the exquisite solitude of this monastery, frescoes dating from the eleventh century. - It is claimed that in this monastery St. Kliment held education and worship.

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Czar's Tower

Carevi Kuli Fortress - was built right to the city, which is in ruins today. Carevi Kuli is a fortress from the late ancient period. It has 100 square meters and is oriented east-west.

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Aside from hiking the nearby Mt. Belasica

Here are the waterfalls of Smolare (Смоларски водопад), 650 m a.s.l., 35 m high; and Kolesino (Колешински водопад), 630 m a.s.l, 20 m high, at the river Baba

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Hotel Sirius

Hotel four star, Spa & Wellnes, Spa & Wellnes, 7 apartments, 45 deluxe rooms, 56 double rooms, 5 triple rooms.

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The Roman Therma

- a healing spa from Late Antiquity. Archaeological excavations have revealed 10 well preserved quarters.

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Cyber Caffe Input

Internet available

Hotel Central

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City Hall

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Cinema Balkan

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