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St.George Church

This is a good example of revival period architecture built in 1835. The church is most famous for the St.George Icon painted in 1267, and considered miraculous as it was found in the lake. The only part of the city which has managed to preserve couple of old houses and atmosphere is along Goce Delcev Street left of the old bazaar. It starts with a lovely small stone house which once was a residence of church officials (notice the small altar of the chapel that once was in the house).

SEE   —  Marshal Tito St

Bus companies' offices

A few kiosks selling tickets to various destinations. One of them, [ Euro linia], operates buses to/from Vlore in Albania (passing Elbasan, Tirana €13, Durres), and departs from Struga at 05:00 and 06:00. Coaches to Skopje (via Tetovo) leave at 05:00, 08:00, 10:00, 17:00. Bus connection with Germany.

Inex Drim

This is a four star hotel that is perfectly matching with the old architecture of this town and the old bazaar around it. It is on the bank of the Drim River. There are 50 rooms inside, a few restaurants, a night club, a casino, an automatic bowling room, indoor and outdoor pools, a congress center, and a tennis court.

Halveti Teke

- is one of the most representative examples of Ottoman architecture in Struga and it is protected by the Macedonian Cultural Memorial Institute. The tekke (Muslim monastery) was established by Hasan Baba (Asan Dede) in the beginning of the 18th century and consists of five rooms in the shape of the letter T.

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This new hotel is one of the finest in Struga. It is located within 5 minutes walk from the town center and the town market. The hotel disposes to its guests 31 rooms (single, double and triple), equipped with everything necessary to make your stay complete, a restaurant and a summer terrace-garden.

Motel Venecia

Decent, big (60m2) apartments. Good location. Fantastic owners. Wi-Fi. 2 big shops right underneath the building. Fully equipped kitchen. Long term rent is also possible. There is no lake view from apartments and bedroom lacks sunlight.


Macedonian national restaurant where you can find the most amazing national food. The location of this restaurant is very good, next to the river Drim, where you can enjoy food and relaxing music.

EAT   —  +389 70 362720 —  Goce Delcev 88

Minibus stop

Gathering point for minibuses going to Ohrid (E 15km). Buses leave once every 20-40 minutes and cost 100 denars. There are also shared taxis to Ohrid, which cost 100 denars per person as well.

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Kalishta cave monastery

It constitutes 3 churches: the main 17th century Holy Mother of God church, 13th century cave church built into the rock and smaller Saint Peter and Paul's church built in 1990.

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Vangel Kodzoman Gallery

one of the most famous Macedonian painters of the 20th c. Checking out his paintings will show you Struga which unfortunately does not exist any more.

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Miladinovci House

interesting examples of traditional architecture. in which the brothers were born and lived and today it serves as a museum dedicated to them.

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Traditional houses

there are couple of traditional houses preserved, including the so-called island house as it stands alone in the middle of a small square.

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Nikola Nezlobinski Nature Museum

The museum was founded in 1928 by Nikola Nezlobinski, a Russian doctor who lived and worked in Struga after the October Revolution.

St. Atanasie cave church

It has ancient frescoes which dates back to the 14th century. Some of the them painted in 19th century as well.

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Gorna Belica village

Almost abandoned mountain village 1600 m above sea level. It has a few apartments and a new hotel

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Old Bazaar

is a straight street, and today has more cafes than shops. It ends with a lively market.

SEE   —  Marshal Tito St

Radozda village and St. Mihail cave church

A 14th century cave church built in the natural caves and decorated with frescoes.

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New family-run hotel on a great location.


EAT   —  +389 755-178 —  Map

T'ga Za Jug

EAT   —  +389 46 788741 —  Map


EAT   —  +389 46 785088 —  Map

About Struga

Struga has always been in the shadow of Ohrid, as Ohrid has more monuments and better preserved houses. But Struga can still be a fun daytrip from Ohrid if one combines it with a trip to the villages on the west coast of lake Ohrid where main sight, aside from the nice quiet beaches, are the cave churches. Unlike Ohrid which is situated on hills, Struga is flat, spread around Drim river. It is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee by the river.

Source: wikivoyage