Stillwater (Oklahoma)

Stillwater is in the Frontier Country region of Oklahoma and home of Oklahoma State University.

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Eskimo Joe's

Has four bars inside the restaurant to serve the crowds of thirsty college students who frequent the establishment. A popular drink to order is the Skylab Fallout, but be careful!

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Old Central

Old Central is the oldest remaining building on OSU's campus and is made of Oklahoma sandstone. It is admired locally for its turn-of-the-century architecture.

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Eskimo Joe's

The most famous restaurant and bar in town. It serves American style food and at night changes to a bar setting with live musical acts performing regularly.

EAT   —  501 W. Elm

17B Clothing

Located just off of Main Street on 10th, 17B offers some awesome made-in-house unique clothing catering to the fashion-minded and "indie" styles.

BUY   —  106 W 10th Ave

Sushi House

One of those hidden gems. Can eat a totally vegetarian meal. For midscale sushi one of the best values anywhere in the country.

EAT   —  1006 S Main

Oklahoma State University

The campus of Oklahoma State University is mostly located in between University Ave. Knoblock Ave. and Hall of Fame Ave.

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Aspen Coffee

A lively coffee house and roastery, offering fresh roasted coffee, espresso drinks, smoothies, and light cafe fare

DRINK   —  +1 405 377-5282 —  111 W 7th Ave


Best greasy spoon in Stillwater. Open 24 hours. Great after a long night of drinking on the strip. Cheap, too.

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Located within the OSU Student Union, Chapters is a small bookstore with a surprisingly good selection of books.

BUY   —  OSU Student Union

The Strip

A length of Washington St. between University Ave. and Sixth St. that is the home to many bars including:

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Eskimo Joe's Clothes

Located just to the west of the restaurant, is the place to buy a Joe's shirt and other memoribilia.

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Stonewall Tavern

Famous for being the location of Garth Brooks' getting boo'd off stage open mike night.

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Mom's Place

This is one of the best local flavor restaurant's you will find in Oklahoma.

EAT   —  2110 S Main

Finnegan's Fighting Goat

An Irish pub with a large beer selection located in the heart of downtown

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Willie's Saloon

Famous for being the location of Garth Brooks' first public performance.

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Coney Island

A favorite hang out on the strip. Good coney's for an OK price.

EAT   —  223 S Washington

Crepe Myrtle

Best place to eat on the strip. Good food and good service.

EAT   —  425 S Washington

Hideaway Pizza

Oklahoma's oldest pizzeria founded in 1957.

EAT   —  230 S Knoblock

Mexico Joe's

Part of the Three Amigos with Eskimo Joe's.

EAT   —  311 E Hall of Fame


Part of the Three Amigos with Eskimo Joe's.

Days Inn

SLEEP   —  5010 W 6th Ave

Atherton Hotel at OSU

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EAT   —  2021 N Boomer Rd


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Copper Penny

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The Rusty Spur

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J.R. Murphy's

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Cross-Eyed Cricket

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Dirty's Tavern

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