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German upscale cooking in City Hall's basement - a warm, sophisticated atmosphere is a pleasant backdrop for an evening or an elegant dinner. And there are sophisticated menus and dishes, excellent beers and excellent wines on the cards.

EAT   —  +49 5352 969789 —  Markt 1


Greek Restaurant, the place is clean but needs an upgrade. Very friendly service, some of the ingredients overwhelming, all in all a fair share for the inexpensive meal.

EAT   —  +49 5352 2201 —  Markt 26


in a nice neighborhood. Very popular for weddings, birthday celebrations but also for society. The guests are mostly from the region. Cozy atmosphere.


the Orient has an entire variety of food. Gyros, Döner, Pizza, Chicken, Fish and a kids menu. Catering. Clean and friendly service.

Deutsches Haus

German coooking at its best. Very friendly service, nice place, very rich menu to choose from, excellent for larger groups.


German & Italian kitchen, friendly service, good special occasion restaurant. Groups, Seminars & Weddings.

EAT   —  +49 5352 907590 —  Burgplatz 1

Reit- und Fahrverein Schöningen

Horseback riding - Riding arena (50x20m), large equestrian center site at the quarry near the youth hostel


tastes almost better than in Greece. Tasteful interior, very friendly service, fast turnaround.

EAT   —  +49 5352 1879 —  Salzstraße 14

... wie in Oma´s Küche

German cooking. Insider's diner # 1, very friendly service, consistently good food.

Bistro Antalya

German, Italian and oriental food. Moderately priced and in the center of town.

EAT   —  +49 5352 9062816 —  Markt 25


German cooking in a nice place. Service is medium grade, so is the cooking.

EAT   —  +49 5352 8252 —  Burgplatz 3


German Kitchen: Schnitzel, fish and salad. Friendly service.

Schloss Schöningen

14th century hall

SEE   —  Burgpl. 1

St. Lorenz Church

14th century

SEE   —  Klosterfreiheit 9c

Local History Museum

build 1593

SEE   —  Schulstraße

Haus Grund

SLEEP   —  +49 5352-227 —  Markt 5

Haus Grund

SLEEP   —  +49 5352-2279 —  Markt 5


SEE   —  Paläon 1

About Schöningen

In archaeology, Schöningen is famous for four ancient wooden spears found in an opencast mine near the town (Bamford & Henderson 2003). The spears are about 400,000 years old (Klein. 2005. p114), making them the world's oldest human-made wooden artifacts, as well as the oldest weapons, ever found. Three of them were probably manufactured as projectile weapons, because the weight and tapered point is at the front of the spear making it fly straight in flight, similar to the design of a modern javelin. The fourth spear is shorter with points at both ends and is thought to be a thrusting spear or a throwing stick (Bamford & Henderson 2003). They were found in combination with the remains of about 20 wild horses, whose bones contain numerous butchery marks, including one pelvis that still had a spear sticking out of it. This is considered proof that early humans were active hunters with specialized tool kits. The first historical mentioning of the Saxon settlement in the Royal Frankish Annals dates back to 747, when the Carolingian Pepin the Short stayed here during the conflict with his half-brother Grifo. Schöningen was the site of a Königspfalz of Pepin's son Charlemagne and later of the Ottonian dynasty. Saint Willigis, Archbishop of Mainz from 975, was probably born at Schöningen about 940. From the 14th century it was held by the Welf dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg, who granted Schöningen town privileges in 1332. About 1350 Duke Magnus the Pious had a castle built here to secure the nearby border with the Bishopric of Halberstadt.