Schliersee is a holiday and ski resort in Bavaria on the waterfront of the lake with the same name. It's on the edge of the Bavarian Alps, approximately 50 km (30 mi) south of Munich.

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About Schliersee

As most of the lakes in this area ''Schliersee'' lake was created by the melting glaciers of the last ice age. The water is of exceptionally high quality. The monastery of Schliersee was first mentioned in 779, probably destroyed around 907 and rebuilt. In 1140, the Schlier monastery was transformed by the Count of Hohenwaldeck and by Bishop Otto I of Freising into a Augustinian monastery with lay brothers. In 1808 the location became a self-standing political community, and it has had its own market since 1919. This is also the gateway to the well-known hamlet and lake of ''Spitzingsee'', where there is a ski resort.


Source: wikivoyage