Resen (Macedonian: Ресен) is a city in southwestern Macedonia. It has just under 9,000 residents within city limits and is the seat of Resen Municipality which includes the town as well as 43 surrounding villages with a total population of nearly 17,000.

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The Saraj

This neoclassical estate is one of the most unique buildings in Macedonia, built by Ahmed Niyazi Bey, the local bey of Resen, who was inspired by French estates. Construction began in 1905 and was completed in 1908, though the interior was not finished until 1922. Ahmed Niyazi Bey died, however, in 1912 of unknown causes and never lived to see the estate complete. It served various functions during the world wars and now serves as a museum, library, and gallery. Its ceramic colony is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics of UNESCO, while its Dragi Tozija House of Culture is a branch of the Museum of Macedonia.

Bus Station

Resen is easy to get to by bus and has daily connections with Ohrid, Bitola, and beyond. The bus station itself is pretty awful. It is apparent that a renovation was planned and started but money must have run out giving it its current depressed look. If you're not the adventurous type, find a restroom elsewhere.

Church of St George

This church was built in the 1840s. The frescoes inside were also completed in that decade. The church is built of stone and brick with a pitched roof and has a porch on its sides.

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About Resen

Resen is the only town near the Prespa Lakes, which span Macedonia, Albania, and Greece. It has an ethnically diverse population consisting in which Macedonians form three-quarters of the town, Turks form 16%, and Albanians form 4%. The Macedonians are Orthodox Christians, while the Turks and Albanians are Muslims.


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