Rennes is the capital city of Brittany, France.

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O'Connell's Irish Pub

Very popular Irish pub. Ask anyone and I'm sure someone will point you in the right direction. St. Patrick's Day at this place is insane - the pub becomes packed to capacity. Same rules apply for any big sporting events. Monday nights from 7pm-11pm and Thursday nights from 7pm-close are happy hour. A pint of beer/stout/ale is 4 Euros (and in some cases, less) during happy hour - just check the little posters up on the walls at the bar (or ask the bartenders, they're all very friendly and most, if not all, of them are anglophones). Not only do the anglophones love this place, but the French do too.

Funky Munky

A cool vodka/cocktail bar located near an entrance for the Thabor park. Drinks are relatively cheap - the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. The bar serves 30 flavors of vodka, numerous cocktails (including a Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmos, Sex on the Beach, and a delicious drink called a Purple Turtle), and a few beers on tap or in bottles. The bar hosts a poetry slam every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, and a quiz night every Monday from about 8pm on. The bartender (and owner!) speaks both French AND English, so don't worry about having to speak perfect French.

DRINK   —  37, rue St. Melaine


Need exercise after the afternoon spent in the center? Don't need to go far away. Get down ''Place Ste Anne'' on ''Rue d'Echange'', make a left on ''rue de Dinan'' and make on right on ''rue Pierre Gourdel'' right after the Westport Inn. You'll find a tiny place to play squash (from 4 to 8€ per person for an hour) or dance Rock 'n Roll or salsa. The owner might speak a little bit too fast, but you'll find great prices and some nice people in there.

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Let's just say that if you're a beer lover, that should be the place where to go. It has 18 draught beers with local and Belgian beers. You can also discover some ''saucisson'' (dried sausage). The best moment is during the afternoon, under the sun, in the middle of crowded terrasses, with your favorite beer and your saucisson. Enjoy the moment.

Westport Inn

Another Irish pub. It's smaller, but it's got an authentic feel to it, and the drinks are slightly cheaper than at O'Connell's. It's just down the street from Place des Lices. But, according to the sign on the window, you're not allowed to bring in nuclear weapons, so if you're packing, go elsewhere :)

Le Mille Potes

A quiet place at the end of the afternoon, with a large choice of beers and vines. You can find in that bar people who practice Latin dances, contribute to Wikimedia projects, "remix" museums or libraries, enjoy soccer, etc. There are regular concerts with nice bands and special events for foreigners.


The at Rennes is rather large. To get there, take the number 3 bus, and get off at the ''Piscine/Gayeulles'' stop. The neighbouring park has much to offer, including an ice rink, a pool and sports facilities.

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Youth Hostel

10, Canal St Martin. This is found in a pleasant area by the canal run by friendly staff. You have to be a member of the YHA which will cost €7 for a years membership. The hostel itself is priced at €20,35.

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L'heure du jeu

You like games, card games, board games or just playing? L'heure du jeu ("time for playing") have 1,000 of them! Good and quite a must brunch on some Sundays mornings (you have to call for a reservation).

Boulangerie Hoche

This is one of the best bakeries in Rennes. It is a bit pricey though, so keep this in mind. But, if you are up for treating yourself, they have a great raspberry tart!

Crêperie de la Place

One of the best crêperie in Rennes. Very well located, just next "Crêperie Sainte-Anne", you can eat delicious galettes and crêpes at a cheap price.

Boulangerie La Fournee St Michel

One of the few shops open in the centre of town on a Sunday afternoon, they do a range of flavoured breads and reasonably priced desserts

Haricot Rouge

On a street north of the Place de la République, with a smoother feeling, serving hot chocolate and having board games.

Le Blizz

An ice rink which isn't too expensive. To get there, it's the number 3 bus, with ''Patinoire'' the required stop.

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Rennes football club

A team in the top French football league, and has its stadium in Rennes, with tickets for matches start from €8.

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Couleur Café

Specialized in cocktails (in the World Guinness Book of records with above 2,000 types) and rhum.

Le Sablier

A bar famous for the concerts there at a time, it is also an excellent place to have lunch.

Crêperie Sainte-Anne

A very nice crêperie at Place Sainte Anne when you can also enjoy very good ice-creams.

About Rennes

Rennes is not often mentioned on tourist guides but this medium size town is well worth a visit. It has more than 200,000 inhabitants, of whom about 60,000 are students. This gives the town a vibrant nightlife. Some streets, such as the Rue Saint Michel, have only bars on both sides. (The locals actually call "Rue Saint Michel" "la rue de la soif", which means "Street of Thirst"). A stroll down Rue Saint Michel on a Friday or Saturday evening is a very interesting experience indeed. However, if you're really in the mood to "faire la fête", celebrate or just have fun in other words, the most exciting night on "Rue de la Soif" would be the "Jeudi Soir", Thursday nights, during the school year. Jeudi Soir is the night when bars are most often packed to the brim with students. The sights on Thursday nights out on the town are very memorable and interesting. Rennes is particularly nice in early July, during the "Festival des Tombées de la Nuit". Its streets are then full of people enjoying the free street entertainment and eating or drinking at the terraces of the restaurants and cafés. Rennes used to be virtually empty after the 15th of July, as most of its inhabitants were migrating to the coast until the 15th August. In recent years, this trend seems to have stopped and Rennes's terraces and cafes are now bustling throughout the year.

Source: wikivoyage