Quba (or Guba) is a city in Northeastern Azerbaijan.

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Order the "Sachin" for extra sauce, and watch the owner and Toffik smile at the spreading legend of their old friend and his favorite doner.

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Try one of Quba's more than 1000 types of apples. Quba is Azerbaijans most famous source of apples.

About Quba

This ancient city is the major city in the Quba Rayon. Quba is famous for producing high quality apples. In late summer, cars stuffed with apples are often see on the road carrying the fruit from Guba to other regions or from small towns to the city's cannery. Guba is also the hub for many summer vacationers. It attracts visitors with its cooler summer climate and beautiful mountain scenery. Guba is built on the western bank of the Qudailchay River. On the eastern bank is a rather exclusive Jewish community known as Red Settlement (Qırmızı Qesebe in Azeri or Krasnaya Sloboda in Russian), because of the collection of red roofs that can be seen from the nearby hilltop. The houses in Quba are noticeably smaller than the neighboring community. Due to its close proximity to Russia and its former inclusion in the U.S.S.R., most in the city know Russian. It is often assumed that outsiders will know this language. This might also explain a sense of paranoia with strangers found with some. You may be stopped by police and asked to show identification.


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