Quảng Ngãi

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About Quảng Ngãi

Quảng Ngãi is a town that used to be neglected, forgotten, and bypassed by government, tourists, even the residents wanted to get out of this uneventful town. Now with all the oil money coming in, Quẚng Ngãi has been recapitalized, revitalized, and reborn. Now, everybody seems to be rushing back into town. New cafes, resorts, and upscale restaurants are popping up all over town. Business folks from Hanoi and HCMC are coming to this town to snatch up properties, open cafes, bars and dinning places. They know that sooner or later the oil money will make Quảng Ngãi as the place to be. The bandwagon phenomena is bringing to Quảng Ngãi a new energy, a new spirit that is turning this once boring place into a lively town. Quảng Ngãi is surrounded by the Truong Son Mountains on one side and the East Sea on the other. The topography of the surrounding regions include mountains, plains, seaside and offshore islands.